Tekken X Street Fighter becoming ‘harder to justify’, says Harada

Producer says continuing success of Tekken 7 has left him “wondering if I really should” finish and release the long delayed spin-off.

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porkChop812d ago

Why did you even agree to the collaboration if you had little to no intention of upholding your end of the deal?

VTKC811d ago

well its just like when he said there wont be any DLC for Tekken 7 but here we are with a season pass 2 for characters that were default selectable in previous games and paying for Tekken Bowl if you wish to play it even though it was a mode that was an unlockable in Tekken TAG Tournament on the PS2.

bmf7364811d ago

Look at the EVO reg list. Tekken is currently surpassing Street Fighter for the first time ever. (Both are superceded by Smash Ultimate, and DBFZ fell off hard from #1 last year to currently #7)

Flewid638811d ago

Because that happens in business sometimes. just happens in life sometimes.

XiNatsuDragnel812d ago

Just create it and let it shine

gangsta_red811d ago

I say just make an All Star type game within Tekken and include characters from other fighting games. You already had Geese and Akuma, keep that going with more characters from SNK and Capcom.

fsfsxii811d ago

You mean Tekken Tag Tournament?

gangsta_red811d ago

Not exactly, I'm thinking more like Tekken vs SNK vs Capcom vs Virtual Fighter and so on.

cbuc1125811d ago

So even more success is a bad thing?

Flewid638811d ago

Every game is successful?

cbuc1125810d ago

You dont know until you try. I can guarantee it wont be successful in its current state.

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The story is too old to be commented.