GameSpot: Star Ocean: First Departure Review

Star Ocean: First Departure offers good fanfare with stunning anime sequences and a fresh look. However, it's also padded with backtracking, crafting, and cutscene dialogue that hide its sparse dungeons, as well as its quests. There are simply too many better RPGs on the market that offer pretty visuals and depth to broaden Star Ocean's appeal.

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PopEmUp4463d ago

is that score a flop just wondering since everything below an 8 is a flop now days

ReTarDedFisHy4463d ago

apparently <9 is a flop :/

zo6_lover274463d ago

Acctually its any game that doesn't get at least 5 perfect scores

Born2BK1NG4463d ago

what a bad score, thought it was supposed to be good. But it is GameSpot, and they dont know what they are doing.

SaiyanFury4462d ago

Star Ocean on PSP isn't supposed to further the genre. It's a remake of a game developed for the Japanese Super Famicom back in the mid 90s. Why should it have to advance the genre? The story and gameplay speak for themselves. Square-Enix remade the game in Star Ocean 2's image and did a damned good job. Private Actions and all have been introduced, so what really needs to be done more? I'm just happy they translated the game and brought it west. A great game in and of itself, lousy reviews be damned. If you're a Star Ocean fan as I am, then screw reviews, get the game and enjoy a piece of gaming history.

Chubear4462d ago

They gave Monster Hunter II on the PSP a 5/10. XD

BigMassacre4463d ago

Not even going to consider this review when I pick the game up. I know I'll enjoy it.

sinncross4463d ago

I actually tend to agree with this review though maybe 6 was a little harsh... ports of really old games cant possibly be getting AAA scores if they are not completely redone... like the reviewer said, 'There are simply too many better RPGs on the market that offer pretty visuals and depth to broaden Star Ocean's appeal.' If you're a SO fan or never played the game the its a great buy, but for what it offers, there's hardly anything which puts it above the rest of the pack.