Five RPG HD Collections that have not Happened Yet

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte gives a list of 5 RPG HD Collections that haven't happened yet.

"When I was going up in High School an old friend of mine invited me over to play a game on the PS one called Legend of Dragoon. Now, I have always been a fan of great JRPG’s and when I witnessed this title, it was something special. This is one of those RPG’s that you either played during the time it released and enjoyed it, or missed the experience and are now regretting it."

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Stunt3227d ago

I would gladly take any of these.

SuperStrokey11233227d ago

We need a HD remake of FF6 first!

WildArmed3227d ago

That would be epic!
I'd even settle for a PSP remake, something like FF4 Collection <3

Also, I don't expect HD collections of games that were on PSX unfortunately. Thou I understand HD collections from PSP/ XBOX/PS2 are more do-able.

Lucreto3227d ago

They can't do HD collections of PS1 games as they will look terrible.

It is PS2 RPG's that will get the remakes.

Summons753227d ago

ummmm Shin Megami Tensei HD collection is what needs to happen as well as Dot Hack Hd Collection

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3227d ago

YESThey can just make two collections .hack//IMOQ HD Collection and .hack//G.U. RRR HD Collection. I'd be so happy if CC2 did that.

Hicken3227d ago

Are there even any HD remakes of RPGS in the first place? I'll take .hack, Xeonsaga, and everything ATLUS made on PS2.

Plus all the greats from the PS1 era... except VII. So tired of VII.

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