Sonic The Hedgehog: 6 Classic Sonics We'd Love to See in The Movie's Redesign

Here are some classic Sonic designs that could replace the controversial original debuted in Paramount's latest trailer.

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SegaGamer734d ago (Edited 734d ago )

Just scrap the whole thing. Nobody wants a Sonic movie, especially the fans. Hollywood rarely gets game movies right.

PhoenixUp734d ago

How can any studio executive look at the time tested and proven Sonic designs over the years and come up with that monstrosity

Just look how how the Detective Pikachu movie successfully adapts so many of Pokémon to the big screen to mostly everyone’s visual pleasure.

Why would you deviate from that? The blueprint is already in front of you!

jaymacx734d ago

This is why it is important that a movie maker form their vision around the source material instead of having the source material conform to a movie maker’s vision. Hollywood usually does the later unfortunately.

FlyingFoxy734d ago

Eh, people are going to find a way to bash it IMDB style no matter what. I personally rarely pay attention to those kind of sites since taste differs anyways.

chris235734d ago

the only people who are goin towatch this is toddlers with their parents. no need to get too elaborated about this project.