GameZone: Dynasty Warriors 6 Preview

No hack-n-slash series is as famous (or infamous) as Dynasty Warriors. This weapon-based, button-mash-until-your-thumb-stops-moving adventure began with great success. The gameplay style differed from other well-known hack-n-slash titles, such as the Gauntlet series, and was considerably different from beat-'em-ups like Bad Dudes and Streets of Rage.

Over the past few years, Dynasty Warriors has fallen victim to ROILS: Resting On Its Laurels Syndrome. Once thriving with addictive pummel-to-no-end combat, the series began to rehash itself with sequels that didn't play any different from the current releases.

Dynasty Warriors 6, the newest chapter in this long-running franchise, won't change that. It doesn't showcase any radical differences. But if you've loved every game in the series and can't wait for each sequel, KOEI might have just the thing to satisfy your cravings.

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