Okay, Why Haven’t These 8 Games Received Sequels Yet?

Author Writes: Tons and tons of video games get sequels these days, but there are still a few hidden gems out there that haven't gotten the sequel they deserve.

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ziggurcat666d ago

The studio that make Sleeping Dogs got shut down - that would explain no sequel to that. There was a rumour briefly posted here a while ago about Insomniac that hinted at possibly a new R&C... but it could have also been SSoD2 as well.

Noskypeno664d ago

Sleeping Dogs was originally going to be True Crime Hong Kong but rebranded at the last minute correct? If Activision wanted to they can release a spiritual successor to that game just like the other devs did to True Crime Hong Kong. But why did Activision drop it and give it to another dev who basically just rebranded it is the big question, im guessing because the True Crime brand would've dragged it down.

Magic_Spatula664d ago

Actually, it was an original IP called Black Lotus. Only after it was picked up by Activision was when it was renamed to True Crime Hong Kong because Activision thought branding would help the game gain traction. Then Activision didn't see the game making money and dropped it so Square Enix picked it up and it was United Front (the developers) that decided to change it to Sleeping Dogs.

PhoenixUp666d ago

United Front Games is out of commission now that they’re defunct

Sleeping Dogs became a stillborn franchise

DaReapa664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

Sleeping Dogs was criminally underrated during it's time. I actually preferred it's more melee focused approach than it's other open world contemporaries. A sequel is definitely in order if outsourced to a developer who will do it justice.

jeremyj2913664d ago

I loved the car action. Like jumping out and shooting to blow the car up.

Ratchet75663d ago

Still playing it on my ps4 from time to time.

porkChop664d ago

Sleeping Dogs absolutely deserves a sequel. I know UFG is gone, but outsource it to a talented dev. Bring back some of the lead devs too.

That game was too good and too fresh to let it whither away.


I vote Crystal Dynamics!

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The story is too old to be commented.