VGChartz: Eternal Sonata review

Torillian from VGChartz writes: "Overall, Eternal Sonata is the kind of game that I can only really recommend to someone who is already a fan of the genre. If you know you love JRPGs then there is nothing so annoying or broken about Eternal Sonata that you won't be able to make it through, and there are some fun moments and a decent story line that is definitely worth the time of a fan. I like where they were headed with this game, a very unique idea to start with, but the execution is rather disappointing. The fixed camera had me cursing up a storm, the voice acting had me cringe at points, and the story just left me wondering what the heck happened. With that said however, the music was beautiful, the mini-games were interesting if not entirely skill based and the premise of the story was a very cool idea that I hope other game makers take notice of."

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chaosatom4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

VGChartz, oh the most unbiased site of all. yaheeee

I'll make sure to give that page some hits and get it to metacritic scoring on time.


GiantEnemyCrab4033d ago

Ouch! How did this game score on the 360?

Rob0g0rilla4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

If they did it would probably be the same. It scores higher on PS3 on metacritic by .1. It's the same game that was on 360 with more content and other stuff.

Kamikaze1354033d ago

That's a very harsh score....I guess they probably consider crap to be good then.

gano4032d ago

I think only people who work for vg post
what they think. Who approve anything from people
who are wrong 90% of the time anyway.

robotnik4032d ago

Never liked the demo...