Destiny 2 Would Be Wise To Avoid A September Showdown With Borderlands 3

Destiny has had a big release every September the last five years. With the arrival of Borderlands 3, they should think of a new plan.

Redemption-641615d ago

I know which game am picking 6

kayoss1615d ago

Why would there be a showdown? Regardless of what Destiny 2 they can’t avoid Borderlands 3...unless borderland seems 3 end up like Anthem.

cheeko1615d ago

Fail post, destiny is bigger than borderlands will ever be. Sorry bud but its the truth. Dont worry i know how bad D2 is aswell.


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‘Destiny 2’ Has Been Unplayable For A Week Due To DDoS Attacks

Destiny 2 is quite close to unplayable, and it has been for a solid week, due to DDoS attacks that Bungie has confirmed. A rarity, given that they almost never say publicly such attacks are happening.

Markdn6d ago

Normally these attacks stop when the people doing it have to go back to school and there mom won't let them stay up late.


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