James Bond: Games VS Movies.

Fans of the world's most famous spy will have both the video game and movie to occupy their attention this November, but the dapper MI6 agent has been doing this dance for years now.

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ape0074032d ago

goldeneye on n64 is above than anything released,movie or game

that game was unbelievably mindblowing

Imagine if the "original"rare team worked on quantum of the solace

my mind cannot imagine,it will put gears 2,r2,cod4,5and6,bioshock,halo and every other shooting game(even if they were all combined)TO SHAME!! know I will get many disagrees)

my god where is the original rare team,look at my avatar and then cry

rockbottom30764032d ago

Playing Goldeneye ruined every FPS game to come out since. The secret rooms, the great map design, spot on hit detection, you could go on forever.