PlayStation Now Reached 700,000 Users With 40% Average Yearly Increase of Paying Subscribers

Today, Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki talked about PlayStation Now.

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FallenAngel19841494d ago

It’s great that finally have a hard number of PS Now subscribers. As the service gets rolled out in more territories that total should surpass 1 million.

On a side note I wonder how many subscribers Game Pass has in comparison

Jin_Sakai1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

“On a side note I wonder how many subscribers Game Pass has in comparison”

Supposedly millions although PS Now is making more revenue than all the competition combined.


“Xbox Game Pass Has "Millions" Of Subscribers“

Atom6661494d ago

These numbers pretty much show that the revenue numbers in that first link were way off.

Even if you over estimate and say all 700,000 Now users are paying $20 a month, that's only 42 million a quarter. That's barely a 1/3 of what those estimates show.

I'm not sure who came up with that graph, but it looks like the numbers were made up based on what you shared.

Vasto1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )


I have seen saying this since that graph was released by Super Data who does not use official numbers. Sony is just now releasing numbers and Microsoft still has not released numbers for Game Pass so where did that graph get its numbers from? People here dont care if its fake, they will just keep posting it and these same people dont even use PS Now. LMAO

rob-GP1494d ago

I highly doubt Xbox has ‘millions of subscribers’. It’s most likely PR talk for MS as they have nothing to back that up with. The revenue chart showed a breakdown of the various services based on revenue. MS has been practically giving the service away at a dollar for a month so I imagine a lot of people have been making new accounts and getting the one dollar offer month after month, each one counting as a new ‘subscriber’.

You can’t really believe any figures MS puts out there atm though, they pluck them from the sky.

DaDrunkenJester1494d ago


I can believe they have millions of subscribers considering they often have $1 deals on the service every couple months. I'm sure that keeps a steady flow of new customers coming in.

Mystogan1493d ago

The revenue was made up.

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mkis0071494d ago

I just resubbed for 3 months for a dollar again. Ive spent $3 for 6 months of gamepass. Millions means nothing for a revenue argument. Heck even a desirability argument is thin due to not knowing how many subs would completely cancel without $1 deals.

Goofmd deals for us though.

BizarroUltraman1494d ago

obviously not as much as PS Now being the newer service and less Xbox gamers than PS. But I bet you guys won't thank Xbox for having download option! As you can see it helped doubled PS Now when it was made it part of service.
Of course you can disagree to agree as well, I won't hold it against you Playstation only gamers.

Silly gameAr1494d ago

Why should anyone thank MS? How do you know that Sony didn't have it planned from the get go? You guys give to much credit to MS and put way to much trust in them. The perfect consumers.

DarXyde1494d ago

Did you thank Sony for Games with Gold?

Obscure_Observer1494d ago

“The addition of a download feature for PS4 titles has caused the gameplay time per user to increase significantly. At the moment the gameplay time for downloaded PS4 games is twice as much compared to the gameplay time of streamed titles, contributing to high user engagement and retention of PlayStation Now users.”

Sony can thank Phil Spencer and Game Pass for that increase. Also, seems that Sony is finally embracing MAU´s metrics for a change.

rainslacker1494d ago

Uh huh. But MS is going to win next gen because of xCloud. Console gaming is in trouble because of Google Stadia. We can thank Sony for showing us how BS such statements are.

But, in a rare moment of somewhat agreeing with you....I do thank MS, because in this case, competition was a good thing and Sony provided a better service to get more users.

That said, MAU's tend to be pretty common for services, because the success of those services is actually based on such things. MAU's are the equivalent of consoles sold. Sony used them last gen for PSN accounts as well in investor reports. Not every time, but occassionally.

rainslacker1494d ago

Considering the revenue splits that were reported elsewhere, this doesn't put digital services like it very high up in numbers overall. I suppose one could argue some get more, because they're cheaper, or free trials, or whatever, but the sustained numbers are really all that's important to these companies.

We'll probably never know actual numbers all around though. Google may report numbers. They don't seem afraid to report such things.

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Rimeskeem1494d ago

I am glad this is successful AND not taking over Sony's business model.

DaGreatOne1494d ago

"More information about Sony’s strategy for game streaming will come at the Corporate Strategy Meeting on May 21."

Curious to see where they plan to take the service.

DaDrunkenJester1494d ago

Hopefully they'll start adding newer games to the service.

ILostMyMind1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

They add new games every month.

darthv721494d ago

Perhaps they will enable access with previously removed devices or add a bunch of new ones.

meep3161494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Well now that you can download games and play then it makes a little more sense and is a much better subscription.

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