Mortal Kombat Female Designs from 2011 - 2019

CG writes: Despite Ed Boon going on record suggesting he would have rather toned down the “mature” looks of the ladies in Mortal Kombat 9 (ignoring the extreme violence) how well do the designs stack up over the years? We take a look at select Mortal Kombat female characters and compare them from Mortal Kombat 9 in 2011 through to the latest Mortal Kombat 11 in 2019. It’s rather interesting to not only see the graphical differences, but also how the design changed from porn star looking fighters to more realistic characters.

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bluefox755820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

Mortal Kombat was always over the top, with the violence and character design. It seems dumb to suddenly become a puritan regarding boobs, but then remain just as silly with the violence and fatalities.

AnubisG820d ago

They claim it's because now it's more realistic🤣

TricksterArrow820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

Well, the game was never about the bewbs, unlike DOA, for example, so... Is this really an issue either way? Plus, the females looked transgender in M9. :S

Jaypi03820d ago

Imo the fatalities seem like "silly" and just more brutal and graphic than ever to the point where it's near cringe inducing in a good way.

Jaypi03820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

Could it just be different artist and tech? I think with MK9 they had the characters looking over the top cartoony to downright ugly, due to the limitations of the 360 and PS3 at the time, then with X you could see they were moving to a more realistic design, and now with 11 it seems that goal of realistic design has been reached now that they've seem to have perfected the facial technology with Injustice 2.

I think the costume designs for the majority of the characters are pretty realistic within context, while still making them look unique and cool.

TricksterArrow820d ago

Sonya had more abs and broader shoulders than the guys at my gym in MK9. It was really not that sexy.

NapalmSanctuary820d ago

In MKX Kitana and Mileena looked really good. Probably the best they've ever looked, concerning their defaults. In MK11, Kitana and Skarlet look clownish. Jade looks ok but nowhere near as good as Kitana and Mileena from MKX. None of these look realistic in any sense of the word, though Kitana's MKX outfit got pretty close to somewhat realistic. I just want an option to make Kitana look cool again. She was my main in MKX but I can't stand the way she looks in this one.

paradigmfellow820d ago

Disagree with you. 11 has the best looking Kitana I have ever seen.

gamer7804818d ago

they could still have realism and show some skin where it made sense. Looks like they just covered up all the women and not the men.

MrChow666820d ago

The character designs of mk11 are the best in the series so far, the 2011 designs look ahemm...not very feminine to be honest