Days Gone - Patch 1.04 goes live

A few hours before the official release of 'Days Gone' Sony has released the patch 1.04 for their open-world survival adventure

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NecrumOddBoy789d ago

Hype, I think just 2 hours to go on the reviews!

Neonridr789d ago

meh.. reviews aren't all positive.

Knushwood Butt789d ago

Now's a great time to remind us all that you own a PS4.

Like, if you don't have this game pre-ordered, pretend that you care.

Neonridr789d ago

@Knushwood - I do own a PS4. But was waiting to see the reviews before I decided if I wanted to pick up this game. I have a crap ton on the old backlog. So no sense in adding another title if it doesn't scream out as a must have.

Can only people who are over the moon about the game comment?

CP_Company789d ago

the first review gave it 8,7 and just because they found bugs and some glitches, so this game for them is over 9.

Bend knows that the game has problems and working hard to fix them. game is not released yet and they have already 4 patches, good to know that they looking at this game serious.