Boku, Microsoft's 'LittleBigPlanet' heading to 360, PC

Little Big Planet captured players' hearts and free time with its unmistakable mix of ingenuity and cute. Now it appears that Microsoft has its own plan to tap into players' creative wellspring with Boku, a new XNA project billed by The Seattle Times blog as a "visual programming language for kids." Hello World.

FBl5325d ago

I predict Flopku will score a 4.5/10 across multiple credible gaming websites

TheColbertinator5325d ago


Holy crap! I never seen you comment on the main site

NaiNaiNai5325d ago

who ever called LBP innovative. i have one game in mind.

super mario brothers.

AuToFiRE5325d ago

holy crap! its steven colbert! yeah i dont visit the main site very often, it just got very slow in the forums so i maxed out my contributions today

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Pennywise5325d ago

Are people STILL comparing this to LBP?? Get over it.

DJ5325d ago

3D vs. 2D movement. Simplified Game Engine vs Simplified Level Builder. The comparison makes no sense.

The Lego-like visuals also leave a lot to be desired from an aesthetic standpoint, and may even impede the design process for users due to physics issues. But I do like the fact that you get to control every aspect of the gameplay.

Let's see if other developers attempt something similar.

FCC5325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

This is no where close to LittleBigPlanet... One's a game, one's a program. They both have colorful pallets and that's where the similarities stop.

This was posted awhile back.

posted my outlawwife
8 -
"**** "A Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) researcher demonstrated Boku, an educational game designed to help children as young as five years old exercise their brains by doing programming." *****

I think it is funny that this has been around for a LONG time but nobody noticed it until one guy in a Seattle newspaper labeled it as "Microsoft's answer to LittleBigPlanet" A few days ago to fill some space.

It isn't meant to be an answer to LittleBigPlanet and never has been, the Boku project is a basic programming interface that may or may not even show up on 360 and PC in the future, rumors are that it may show up in 2009 but nothing is firm.

I can't help but laugh at people who are grasping at straws trying to make this into a "OMG MS copied Sony"

The Boku project was first publicly shown in March 2007(coincidentally almost the exact time LBP was announced), Lord knows how long it has been in development before then, and that video is the same one shown in 2007... Nobody even knows where this thing is going or has gone since then

It has always been stated to be a tool for kids first and foremost

Anybody interested in what the project actually is can get the basic rundown from when it was first shown in 2007


There was an identical article to this one on N4G last night, same video, same uninformed idiocy all stemming from the same Seattle newspaper article.

People need to stop buying everything they read...especially on N4G and articles from 3rd rate gaming sites nobody has ever heard of."

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EDIT: Been posted before down there. Sorry Daz lol.

Daz5325d ago

be posted twise already :P

soljah5325d ago

just goes to show the fear ms has about sony/lbp. that are so worried that they need to announce some half baked program just to say ME TOO. what a joke, what a desperate co. if xbox 360 is so strong believe in it mircosoft. don't go trying to rain on some one else parade.

Elimin85325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

How dare they even utter LBP, Bokuchoo and microsoft in the same sentence... Beetches please.

Megatron085325d ago

Well FCC pretty much got it right. Its not even like this is a new idea they had the "build your own" type games back in the 16 bits days maybe even before that

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lowcarb5325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

Copy cat or not I just want to see the potential of XNA. There's alot of potential here, and for all we know XNA might be part of the PS4 just like bluray might be a part of the 720. Also I edited my comment after reading what Daz typed below. This is not a clone and has nothing at all to do with LBP.

pp5325d ago

Definite LBP killer possibilities are endless and fun which you'll only find on xbox360 .Jump in before its to late.

AuToFiRE5325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

umm dude, one little thing about that, i can play halo, GeoW and most other games that are on the 360.. on my ps3 and GeoW2 wont be exclusive to the 360, just like every other 360 game, they will goto PC

TheMART5325d ago

Uhm no. They triggered PC gamers with Gears 1

PC gamers like the game. They bring Gears 2 to 360 only. PC owners want to play, but don't get it for their PC. So they buy a 360 for Gears 2.

That's plain good marketing. Get a group of gamers into your machine that otherwise wouldn't stepped in so quickly.

steck675325d ago

No thanks, ill jump in when MS actually creates something innovative like what Sony and MM did with LBP. Boku looks like a game that should be only played on PC.

thor5325d ago

Their strategy is to release their games as timed exclusives on 360. If you don't pick up a 360 for gears 2 within a year, there's no reason they _wouldn't_ release the game on PC to try and make a bit of extra cash - both from those without a 360 and from those who want superior graphics etc.

Of course they won't _announce_ the game for PC so that people buy a 360 for it. Remember that most people aren't "in the know" and wouldn't assume it was going to PC. (It still might not).

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