VGR: Monopoly Review


"There are a lot of boards for you to play, not just the classic UK one. You unlock them as you progress, adding stamps to your passport for buying each property and so on. If there's one problem with Monopoly, its that it feels like it should have been an arcade title instead of a full retailed game, it seems a bit of a rip-off and the lack of online hurts the game huge. What bugs me is that the box of the 360 actually has LIVE written on it, yet it has no online features of any kind. Maybe they are thinking of adding them later down the line or add some downloadable content like new boards? Who knows?

There are also mini-games and a Richest mode that adds some extra replay value to the game. But purists will want to stick with the classic mode as I did. Visually, the game looks okay but the 360 version just looks like a higher resolution game than the Wii version, which is a shame. The music can be a bit annoying as can the repetitive talking from the Monopoly guy with the beard.

Monopoly had the potential to be a must-have title and it might have done it if it had online play and was made available over Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and WiiWare. Instead the hefty price tag might put people off from delving into this classic board game."

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