Chrono Trigger Voted Best Video Game Of Outgoing Era In Japan

Accordingly, Japanese magazine Famitsu ran a poll with 7000 voters to determine the best game of the Heisei era. Obviously such a poll, despite the massive amount of time it covers, would likely skew to more recent and popular games. While that's true, one game still managed to stand above the rest: Chrono Trigger.

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NecrumOddBoy791d ago

Chrono Trigger will always be a timeless classic.

hutedid789d ago

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Sirk7x789d ago

Definitely one of the greatest games ever created. If you've never played it, look up the minds behind it, then go play it xD

Nerdmaster789d ago

It's sad the way Square treats this IP.

NecrumOddBoy789d ago


Squaresoft would have never done this!

pietro1212789d ago (Edited 789d ago )

R.i.p SquareSoft

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