Phoenix Point Developers Reportedly Got $2 Million For Epic Games Store Deal

A mix of math and logic allowed ResetERA user to have the exact number


Admin: It's an interesting observation and we'll leave it up as a rumor because there's some good data behind it, but note that there are external investors into games and the like that could affect this and not specifically Epic.

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Razzer524d ago

Can't say I blame them for taking that deal if it is accurate.

UltraNova524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

Who can blame them though, 12% cut as opposed to 30% on Steam and 2 million up front...

Who could say no to that?

ShinRon524d ago

ppl with honor and integrity

im a fan of gollops work, but thats some shitty business practice right there... backers should be refunded and still get a key

Ricegum524d ago


It's almost as if they want to make money. Who'd have thought.

I do get why people get annoyed with the recent Epic situation, but what I don't understand is why people are aiming all of their hate towards Epic Games, when Steam should be giving these developers a much larger share of profits.

Livingthedream524d ago

@shinron you can play this game on PC, so what's the issue?

Christopher524d ago

***ppl with honor and integrity ***

And you think Valve has honor and integrity? They're all businesses here, no one has clean hands in this game.

rainslacker524d ago


Honor and integrity? They aren't keeping the game from anyone. They just require you go to another store to buy it. They don't care so much that some people on forums have a desire to use Steam, because these devs and pubs aren't making games to help Steam support their ecosystem or build their business.

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harmny524d ago

Yet everyone is blaming developers for taking these deals. They don't get it. These kind of deals are to good to pass up and it's the only way someone can compete with steam.

You can't beat steam being a good guy. GOG is the dream of gamers, drm free, wallpapers and other extras for every game you buy, user reviews and forums. Yet no one buy games there and AAA developers don't want their game there even though they offer a better revenue split.

Discord gathered a HUGE user base with their amazing chat service and then launched their store. It's a good idea. All your games on discord, you already have it opened to play with your friends anyway. Wrong, they failed miserably.

Only epic with their agressive marketing is luring games and people to their store. How? Not giving players the option. Wanna play it? Get it on the epic game store or wait a year. And it's making noise too. Look at all these articles.

GhostTurtle524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

"and AAA developers don't want their game there even though they offer a better revenue split. "
GOG does 30% as well...

Blu3_Berry524d ago

Out of all the developers/publishers, Phoenix Point is the scummiest that went about this. It was a kick-started game in order to secure a funding, and once they were past a certain stage where their game was in working condition, they turned around and screwed majority of their backers that supported them in the first place. People were expecting to get what was said in the campaign-ad, a steam/gog key at launch. Now, they must wait an entire year for the timed-exclusivity deal is up before they get what was promised for backing the game. But hey, at least they can get an epic store key (which was never mentioned to begin with). Pretty much their backers were used as an insurance interest loan.

Honestly, this is the one time where I truly hope that their game bombs. They completely sh*tted on their consumer's trust and destroyed their company's image. They don't give two sh*ts about them, all they care about is money. Pheonix Point can go burn in a fire.

harmny524d ago

2 million dollars. I don't think you understand how business works

ShinRon524d ago

business is about people as much as it is money.

if the backers being upset gets enough social media attention, it will affect sales negatively

Blu3_Berry524d ago

It's called common decency. I don't think you understand what common decency is.

harmny524d ago

Backers can and will get upset. Thats why they offered refunds. But it's fine. Refunds wont amount to more than 2 million dollars

W34KN35S523d ago (Edited 523d ago )

this is why i'm against this particular game, because of how you have mentioned and what I have heard. They essentially wouldn't have gotten to the point where Epic would give them money if it hadn't of been for the kickstarters, so imo they should at least give back the money to either epic or the kickstarters.

Alek83524d ago

Wow. Hmm, wonder how long Epic can keep bribing developers for?

harmny524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

It's not a bribe and you would take the money too.

Alek83524d ago

Oh I would 100%.

But it is a bribe. Epic needs to give people money to put products on their store. The very definition of a bribe.

524d ago
KaaF524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

Ah, yeah a bribe, cause it's Valve's divine right to get all PC released on them. You valve worshipers are the dumbest morons on the planet. I've seen morons fanboying over consoles, but fanboying over stores is a new level of retardation.

UltraNova524d ago

Once a dev makes the move and taste's the increased income over Steam they'll stay. When Epic gets a significant market share they'll ease up with the aggressive marketing (exclusivity deals).

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strayanalog524d ago

Guess this rumor rules out "kindness of their heart."

killswitch80524d ago

Good for them. That will also increase development of the game, extra content and production of future titles. I am sure they will take to kickstarter again but the that market isnt the same so maybe not.

524d ago
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