The Case for Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is headed to the Nintendo Switch this month, but it's far overdue for a sequel, and hopefully it will happen.

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AK91881d ago

After DMC5 I’d love to see what Itsuno could do with Dragons Dogma 2.

rdgneoz3881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

It technically has a sequel in Dragons Dogma Online. Just it has yet to leave Japan... DDO was on PC for a while and is apparently on PS4 now, but you need to have a Japanese account (to download it) and use a proxy, as well as understand Japanese/ look at guides as you play. They really need to bring it west. The original was fun (dark arisen as well) and the pawn system was a great addition.

PhantomS42881d ago

It's not a sequel, it's a spin-off and an absolute failure which is why it never left Japan.

isarai881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

Seeing as how when the DMC V director was hired for the job, Capcom gave him the choice of DMC V or Dragons Dogma 2 (we all know which one he picked) i feel like now he'll be making Dragons Dogma. At least thats what i hope

Hardiman881d ago

I loved the idea of Capcom making a western RPG set in a European like region. I loved the art direction and their takes on character/creature designs and would love a sequel! Just imagine what a Drangond Dogma 2 would be like on current consoles or even better PS5!

DrumBeat881d ago

The case for Dragon's Dogma 2 is... Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen.

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