Hardgame2: Gears of war 2 Review

Hardgame2 write: This is one of those games antipáticos to analyze a columnist, because you know that what you are going to put probably will be the same as other analysts who have their hands in this game. . It is a glaring fact that Gears of War 2 is a juegazo and you can talk about who we like or more of you as they flip, but the end is the same. One can argue about many things, but at the end of the year there's always 2 or 3 launches in the incontestable that the analysis does not work because they use all the tricks of critical just a special game.

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Mr PS34030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )


EDIT @360man

NO i don't Wonder Why Nor do i Care !!!!!!
Thy Silly Little BoT

360 man4030d ago

and you wonder why you only have 1 bubble

Dmack794030d ago

a 9/10 is not a flop score. But compared to Resistance 2 this game will most likely cave under the sheer scale of Resistance 2. I don't see well organized 60 MP battles in gears of war 2. And gears of war 2 only has 2 player co-op versus Resistance 2's 8 player co-op.

Also, Resistance 2 has 2 amazingly told stories in one game. And gears of war 2 only has 1 short story, that 1UP said isn't supposed be taken seriously (gears of war 2's story is that bad. lol).

Batusai4030d ago

Great review. I don't know if I must buy GoW2 or Fable 2, they are great games but I don't have enought money


gears 2 first... fable later ( when they bring a patch out and fix most of the isses ) thats what i would say.

if your not a fan of playing gears online, then maybe get fable 2 first. depends.

OOG4030d ago

ID go with Gears take advantage of co op and online right away...Fable is mostly a single player driven game and will be as good as it is now ....a few months later......gears will be rocking the first few months and its always great to play online with excited players

Batusai4030d ago

There are an economic crisis :D

SL1M DADDY4030d ago

It will retain its trade-in value longer than Fable. Then, trade it in later for Fable 2. Just look how long it took for Gears 1 to come down in price.

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FBl4030d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 is confirmed superior

TDK_20084030d ago

For me the way history is the most important part of a video game, the multiplayer is an added, completely dispensable.

Batusai4030d ago

One of the best things on Gears of War 2 is the multiplayer. If you don't play multiplayer, you must not buy this game.

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