Final Fantasy X-2 is All the Fun of the Series Without the Self-Importance

Final Fantasy X has a happy ending, and it’s called Final Fantasy X-2. It’s a game that starts with a toe-tapping musical number and features a combat system built around magical girl-style outfit transformations. And yes, blonde rogue Rikku looks adorably ridiculous in it.

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PhoenixUp156d ago

This game was so fun to play through multiple times. The ATB system couldn’t get any better than this

Asuka156d ago

It was in my opinion the best iteration of the ATB battle system.

Juusterey156d ago

Ff sequels always feel like you're doing a bunch of side quests until some story happens

TheGamez100156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Ppl liked the gameplay?? I hated it compared to x. I always want to go back and play the game but i get so bored out of my mind with the story and gameplay. Loved x so I wish it had the same combat and sphere grid systems.