XIII: The Stylish Cel-Shaded FPS Returns in New Remake

Embark on XIII’s quest for identity when the game hits PS4 on November 13.

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Abnor_Mal1882d ago

I remember this game from back in the days, good to see it returning. Thirty something odd levels s single player missions sounds great, hopefully the missions are long and varied.
Don't really remember but kinda visualizing/remembering his Roman numeral tattoo 13 was on the back of his neck. Not sure if mixing it with Agent 47 from Hitman.
Also remember other types of media using the character, I think there was a book and a movie of some sort, maybe more.

darthv721882d ago

I still have my xbox copy. Awesome game for its time. It should look even more awesome in current gen.

1882d ago
KwokXi1882d ago

Omg yes!!! I hope they keep the multiplayer with the little devil mode in too ♡♡♡ I have been wishing for this as a PS2 classic in PS4 ♡♡♡

JCOLE131951882d ago

Loved this game. I’ll always remember the multiplayer mode where you had to shoot that little grim reaper thing running around and it’d get smaller and faster after every shot. Let’s not forget the insta kill when it touched you.

we4201882d ago

His singing was phenomenal

Sgt_Slaughter1882d ago

This is also coming to Switch, Xbox One, and PC for those who might think this is exclusive.


rpvenom1882d ago

I thought this was final fantasy xiii when I saw xiii lol

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XIII Remake's Remake Is 'The Room' Of Videogames

DualShockers Writes "XIII has had a complicated life. The comic book turned video game ended with a glaring cliffhanger and next to nothing to follow it up for two console generations. That is, until the ill-fated Playlogic remake, which was such a broken mess that publisher Microids hired a new developer, Tower Five, to rework the remake into something playable. Better yet, it'd feature online multiplayer, restored mechanics cut from the original game, and a total visual redux to more closely match the original game but better. Was it worth the wait?"

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isarai625d ago

Nah, to me that goes to Robot Alchemic Drive


Review | XIII (2022 PC Remake) - 8Bit/Digi

The 2022 remake of XIII is a second chance that successfully honors the legacy of the beloved cult classic.

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Orchard635d ago (Edited 635d ago )

I grabbed the update a few nights ago to try out - HUGE improvement. It is now a respectable remake of the original. 100% worth a revisit.

Also, huge kudos to the developer for actually revisiting and correcting all the issues & mistakes. Most devs just launch things and leave them as is when the feedback is as negative as it was about this game, I can't think of another game that has undergone such a huge rework like this post-launch.

MadLad635d ago

Glad they put in the legwork to make this a proper remake for past buyers.
The good press, and word of mouth, might make this one of those you see doing well during sales over the years.

Venoxn4g635d ago

Good to know that devs finally fixed remake's issues

MadLad635d ago

It took an entirely different dev to make it happen.


XIII Remake to receive a major update and Switch version in September as Microids apologise

Neil writes: "Remember the joys of XIII from 2003? Remember how those brilliant memories were ruined with the release of the remake in 2020? Microids have acknowledged that things weren't great, but have promised to fix them, reworking pretty much everything in hope of dropping a major update to the game in September. And it's about then when a Switch version will hit home too."

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Orchard714d ago

I naively bought this game purely out of nostalgia, having not seen the reviews at the time, and it was a total mess, I ended up barely playing it. They claim they've basically remade it, fixed the bugs and 'fixed' the art style etc, so hopefully they're being truthful, and I can actually revisit XIII and finish it.

Assuming they are being truthful, fair play to them for sticking to it and correcting the game. Time will tell though.