World War Z Vs. Left 4 Dead 2, Who Did It Better?

World War Z shares a lot of characteristics with Valve's Left 4 Dead 2. However, does Valve's zombie cooperative shooter still hold up today? Let's analyze the best qualities of both these cooperative zombie shooters and see which comes out on top.

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Nitrowolf2482d ago

I think wwz really only has weapon and skill progression, otherwise IMO it falls short of l4d but is enough to hold people over

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FlyingFoxy482d ago

Seeing what I've seen it does look fun, but lacking variety. Screamer = cut enemy from the first L4D, that armoured zombie is basically a Charger, that pouncing thing is a Hunter and the gas bag is almost identical to the CEDA zombies except they release gas.

They should have put in more variety of special type infected.Even the first L4D had more than this with just the Tank and Witch. Either way still not enough.

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TheHan481d ago

Not really a comparison sense one was made years ago and the other was made for current generation hardware. Of course they’re going to have a lot of improvements over the other. But for a old title L4D 1-2 are both great games in their respective rights. But WWZ is just better based on newer hardware and resources. Now if Valve was to get off their collective asses than maybe they would have something to brag about.

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