Killzone 2 E307 v SP Video comparison

Talk writes:"So, as development of Killzone 2 continues the game looks better and better everytime we see a new trailer or video. In this case, lets take a look at what the game looked like at E3 2007 compared to the latest videos."

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crillyconlig4026d ago

even if you look back to the original cgi trailer that cause so much of a ruckus, the current game looks vastly better than it, and they said then, 'its cgi it cant be done', just look at it now!

criticalzero4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Yea...I wouldn't necessarily say it's better than the CGI movie...but it's definitely as close as f*ck!!!....It is by no ,means a small feat...So far it's the best graphics I've seen in a console game....and second to only crysis.....

Coz the CGI showed sligthtly better physics,coloration and lighting...But it's still almost there.....