Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable II, and more Coming to Xbox One Backwards Support

Xbox One has a bunch of new titles to add to its already-massive catalogue of Xbox 360 games, including Splinter Cell and Ninja Gaiden.

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darthv72415d ago

The fable trilogy was already BC. Today's announcement was that these games are X enhanced.

With NG Black and now NG2 all we need is NG3 to round out that trilogy.

micdagoat19415d ago

there's that other Ninja Gaiden game too think it's just called Z

415d ago
AK91415d ago

Woah Ninja Gaiden 2? That takes me back

Father__Merrin415d ago

wish i still had a xbox one s used to have tons of bcc games unfortunatly i ebayed them all off dont think i could search around to get another collection like that which is a shame. ninja gaiden 2 was excellent wish all those early ps360 days were back i well miss them

Automatic79415d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 on bac Compat list.

PhoenixUp415d ago

Long live backwards compatibility

jagermaster619414d ago

You should totally buy it then!

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