LBP: 2D Side-Scrolling Shooter is the Sh*t

Ripten: "Since LittleBigPlanet hit retails shelves a week ago (though many people got it before then), there have been some pretty nifty levels coming out of the gaming populous. However, none of them so far have been as creative and mind-blowingly awesome as this Gradius level. Check it out after the break."

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Sandwich Bender4026d ago

That picture is awesome! Also the video, of course.

nutcase4u4026d ago

These levels are the kind that help people to expand their creativity and imagination. To think this is only the beginning is kind of amazing. There's no telling what people will come up with in the very near future, and I haven't even scraped the surface to find out what this game is capable of.

So far the levels I've created have been very simple platformers and very straight forward. Grab here, switch there, swings and dissolve material. These levels are just light years ahead of me, but help me to brainstorm some new and unique ideas for my next levels.

See you all on there!

Real Gambler4026d ago

Hope those people who said that nobody could make a decent level on LBP will now shut up. If somebody can make a level so wild, imagine in a year from now.


thor4026d ago

Wow I can sort of tell how he did it -
but how does the control scheme work? How did he get that working? Woah...

Nostradavis4026d ago

Please explain how you think he/she did it. That is amazing and I have no idea. Wow.

thor4026d ago

Well there are certain things - like the pod you climb in obviously is connected to a grab switch, which is liked to an emitter, so that when you press R1 to grab it should shoot.

There is some mechanism to make sackboy's movement move the ship up and down but without knowing what the player is pressing I can't tell how that would work.

The bullets the ship fires seem to have a mag-key on them - the enemies will have a mag-switch and will self-destruct when the bullet hits into them (this technique I have used myself).

The player doesn't die here (because they've obviously played the level before) - but I imagine that when your ship comes into contact with an enemy/enemy bullet there is a mag-switch trigger to release poison gas in your capsule (to kill you) and an explosive (to destroy the ship). I've used the poison gas thing myself.

I think the music is actually in the game and the music/camera is nicely set up to follow the player who is behind the backboard. (He probably put the backboard in at the last minute to cover up the workings of the mechanism).

The ship will progress forward with the player and the player's mechanism will be on wheels that constantly move forward - but I don't know how he's got that ship to hover in mid-air (unless it's just using a magnet, I've not played the full release yet - it looks like when you use a magnet to move something underneath a table - is that in the game?).

Score bubbles will spawn with emitters at the end of the level for each enemy you shoot etc.

There will be some mechanism to move the respawn gate to the finish (this is a common technique).

thor4026d ago

One thing I would note is that if you have a very complex level like this with lots of different elements in a small space, it doesn't hold up well online. I tried one of my levels with a guy I'd been playing with for a while without lag and as soon as you get to a level with lots of moving parts it lags up - because of the lag the physics break and so might your level. This is single-player only though so that wouldn't be a problem here.

thereapersson4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

As for the regular online mode, with normal levels, have you experienced much lag? I know that there are a massive amount of players online right now, so things are still a little rough (or so I would assume, anyway).

edit: and someone has already disagreed at a question, of all things....

ryuzu4026d ago

Use sackboy in a rocket pack.

Put the rocket pack on a move-able platform in the background and then as you fly around the platform follows you.

To get the ship to follow you, you make it a creature with the follow brain setting and high speed.

Sackboy + grabbable sponge + hover pack all go on rear level. Space background plates come next, and then ship animal and enemies in foreground level.

Something along those lines should work I think. As you hover around in the background the ship follows you in foreground.

Very inventive!


HowarthsNJ4026d ago

The ship moves just as the jet pack does with the O remove jet pack message.

Now, how he got sack boy combined with the jet pack and a grab switch hidden within/behind that small ship facade I'll never know.

GrandTheftZamboni4026d ago

I guess you guys are right about the jet pack: you can occasionally see jet-pack chain popping out of the black. Very nice level.

Although I won't have the time to create my own designs, there is apparently a lot of community levels to play.

Thanks to all creative souls for sharing!

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Amp4026d ago

his mom will repond when he needs his diaper changed, give him NO attention here. LBP is rockin the socks of the gaming community, and the millions of people who will get this game will create some stunning levels..LBP FTW

Narutone664026d ago

I did and my life here at n4g has never been better. Don't respond to a retarded troll begging for attention.

SIX4026d ago

That doesn't even look like a video game to me. It looks like somebody actually built it out of cardboard. Now the race to make the first side scrolling shooter.

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