Amy Hennig reacts to Jedi: Fallen Order announce, reveals more of her cancelled Star Wars game

From Eurogamer: "Less than two years ago, Uncharted creator Amy Hennig had her story-based single-player Star Wars game, code-named Ragtag, shut down by EA. The message at the time? Single-player games do not make money - or at least, not enough - to continue justifying their existance."

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-Foxtrot2d ago

I really feel sorry for her, EA do a total 180 after they cancel her game

They could have had two Star Wars Single Player games going so I don't see why they had to cancel one.

Must be a right slap to the face to her and the entire team behind it.

-Foxtrot2d ago

If it was then EA would have used that as a legit excuse for why they closed Visceral Games down to justify their decision.

ziggurcat2d ago

No. It was cancelled purely because it was a single player game, and EA took it upon themselves to demonize single player games because they couldn't milk every last penny out out people with MTs, etc...

RizBiz2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

It's Amy Hennig. Every single game she's directed has been absolutely phenomenal.

TheColbertinator2d ago

Yet they still released Mass Effect : Andromeda ,Need for Speed Payback and Anthem. Really doubt EA should be left in charge of deciding quality for us.

FantasticBoss2d ago

There was a pretty in depth Kotaku article by Schrier which went into that games history. Honestly it sounds like the development was a mess from top to bottom for a lot of reasons. Some of them EA's fault, some of them issues within the studio itself. In the end, as much as it sucks, it really did sound like putting a bullet it in was maybe the right thing to do.

Also, correct if I'm wrong, but Hennig was a writer wasn't she? I don't think she every quite filled a role beyond that until the Star Wars gig.

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FullmetalRoyale2d ago

And for her to have left a team that she helped bring into the forefront of the modern gaming age. Lest we forget how amazing their performance capturing in their games have been. Something that wasn’t common before, and isn’t being done better now. Yeah, I’d be so disappointed if I was her.

2d ago
Godmars2902d ago

Did a 180 after all of the BF2 fallout, plus all else you mean.

nunley332d ago

I'm not convinced EAdid a 180 here. After a game cancellations,especially with Star Wars,they let this out so something could be released this fall. After the Anthem and Battlefront debacles,EA needed some good pr that this would bring.

NarutoFox2d ago

"And you've got to understand there's been huge changes in management there since all of this happened as well. Both Patrick Soderlund and Jade Raymond have left in the meantime,"

That's a factor too

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JenzKid952d ago

If you have to market your game with "we promise we won't add any microtransactions or loot boxes, please buy our game"

Shows how far you've fallen as a company, looking forward to the game, but I genuinely hope EA gets buried with all the negative BS they've pulled over the years.

EA, it's Dead and buried.

elazz2d ago

And even then they could still add it later on. What did EA do to warrant trust? Track record proves you can't trust them.

Lord_Sloth2d ago

Disney is breathing down their necks now since Battlefront 2.

annoyedgamer2d ago

They are adding in MTX in BFV right now. But im sure the sheep will fall for it.

Teflon022d ago

BFV's content is all free updates. That's one of the few games in the wild that should have MT. It's actually commendable that they took this long to add it imo. Whether ppl buy the stuff or not isn't falling for it. They get what they want and support the devs giving free content. BFV can get alot of flak but that's something it shouldn't get hate for

instantstupor2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

This is a truly interesting scenario, though. They have outright promised no MTX now, nor to be added in later. I don't believe any similarly high-profile game has made such a claim - certainly not EA, at least. I'm not saying it can't happen, but if they backtrack on that statement after making a promise that was not only public, but part of their marketing push...that would be an indefensible position, and EA would have a *very* bad time.

harmny2d ago

Everyone is marketing their game like that. If they can


I wouldn't say that. For example, Massive came right out and said, "Hey, we're gonna have microtransactions in our game. But it won't be forced upon you." Then turned around and made it so you can still unlock all of the items in game by just playing the game. I haven't spent one extra penny on the game since the initial 60 bucks for it.

harmny2d ago

i said if they can. massive has microtransactions on their game so they cant. they have to explain how their microtransactions are not as bad as people think

Chocoburger2d ago

Literally my thoughts, it just shows you how far EA and the industry as a whole have sunk, when they use non-anti-consumer practices as a marketing tactic.

Cikatriz_ESP2d ago

You would rather see EA fail then see them learn from their mistakes and change? That kind of bitterness is counterproductive, not to mention petty.

JenzKid951d 19h ago

Would I rather see a company shut down and fail that's been responsible for shutting down studios, taking advantage of its customers, has shown in the past that they lie out their a** and have tried to play the redemption card multiple times.

Would you take an Ex back if she promised to change after cheating on you 20 times?

I hope the answer is no. Because this is the same thing, it's not being petty or bitter. It is about not being an absolute Muppet.

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ocelot072d ago

I hope Sony give Any her own studio. Give her the tools and the funds and let Amy and her team do their thing.

Thundercat772d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Amy had its chance... But she decided to leave Sony. It was a bad move.

ziggurcat2d ago

sometimes people leave, and come back. case in point: cory barlog.

Spartacus102d ago

@ ziggurcat
Imagine how demoralising it is for employees who stay loyal to a company only to have their chance at promotion snatched away by someone who not so long ago decided they wanted to move on. Taking back someone who left to move onto something else, no matter how good they are at their job, is a one of the worst mistakes an employer can make imo. There has to be respect for other employees already in the company looking to get promoted to that job.

Sevir2d ago

She left over creative differences at ND. And her bout at EA really burned her out on AAA games, even if Sony approached her and said here's the keys to the kingdom, do as you see fit, I think she'd be too traumatized from the last two instances to even bother. Especially since she experienced the worst crunches of the industry working at ND.

She's working on something now but it's a mid tier in development size and at a comfortable cadence for her and her team.

And that's all I'm happy about for her. Tho, I'd love for her to come back to Sony with her own studio with a new IP and given the same freedom Kojima has with DS. To simply develop at her place with very little stress involved.

harmny2d ago

He had a studio. The name was naughty dog. She left and hasn't stopped failing since. If anything Sony should close the door

TheRealTedCruz2d ago

I worked as the department supervisor for a large glass distributor; the largest, actually. I left to pursue stronger options. I was welcomed back, with open arms, to a plant supervisor positions years later.

Point being any mature company sees talent for talent, does what it can to bring in talent, but doesn't judge talent for looking to climb the business ladder, or make career decisions for themselves.

Sevir2d ago

She left because of creative differences at ND... She's a creative, it happens... Cory left as well and Sony welcomed him back. Considering she gave Sony 3 incredible First Party Games that greatly shifted and changed the direction of games in the industry, I'd say she has a home with them should she chose to. The failing you speak of is beyond her control, as the game industry is volatile.

Stig Asmussen came off the amazingly well received God of War 3, was given reign over a new IP at Sony, and the game was cancelled after 18 months of development. And this was after Ascension didn't light up the charts.

Now he's at EA crafting Star Wars... No body is immune to existential failures, even Kojima suffered at the hands of corporate blunders...

It's not always on the individuals. The video game industry is ran like a machine 90% the time and more often than not people are consumed by it. And legends in that industry are sometimes casualties in it

Ausbo2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

It’s clear that Respawn (Vince zampella) have power. They aren’t mandated to use frostbite, they aren’t mandated to quit making single player games. Maybe in their acquisition deal by EA they were granted certain creative freedoms that other EA studios don’t have.

JenzKid952d ago

It's the only developer that has any sort of quality, DICE, Bioware, Sports developers and what other part time studios they have.

They've all been run into the ground, Respawn have made two back to back hits with titanfall 2 (bad sales, but excellent game) and now Apex legends is the best battle royale out there.

All the previous talent from Infinity Ward which was behind the massive success of CoD, got to keep people like that happy or they will walk as shown when they jumped ship from Activision.

elazz2d ago

To be fair this is how a new EA acquired studio always starts out. It's down the line that things slowly change.

TheRealTedCruz2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

This will be the 4th game in their catalogue as Respawn.
EA started crapping on Bioware after the release of the original Dragon Age; which was already far into development.

Don't know the reasons, but Respawn is starting to feel like a different sort of beast within EA.

annoyedgamer2d ago

EA acquired studios always start out that way. ME 2 was a hit. Battlefield was a hit all the way up to BF3 then things started going downhill. Dragon Age 1 was good, DA 2 was the beginning of the fall. Crysis 1 was good, Crysis 2 was buggy console COD clone. The list goes on.

elazz2d ago

Bioware released since acquisition the following major games

Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 as really good games.
Then came Dragon Age 2, The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 that to some are really good, to others just mediocre.

Drag Age Inquisition was good but you could see something change. Then they went downhill after that

That's about 8 years that it went well with some missteps until Andromeda and Anthem.

Westwood studios same thing. They released Generals and command and conquer 3 which were great games including the expansions. Red Alert 3 however was mediocre at best and then came CC4 ruining everything with some other mobile games.

I already see titan fall 1, tf2, apex legends and this star wars game to be good just for TF3 to be mediocre and the next game to flop. I wish it was different but EA never learned from the past.

zacfoldor2d ago

I think EA realizes they have pushed the license too far to put out another generic game and get away with it.

rainslacker2d ago

I have a feeling that Disney stepped in after the last Fiasco. Either that, or Disney put an ultimatum on EA to not tarnish the star wars brand with EA's BS, and leave it to only Disney approved BS.