Ubisoft CEO Explains Why UbiArt Framework Isn't Being Used As Much Anymore

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently explained why we haven't seen much of UbiArt Framework, the engine that powered Rayman Legends and Child of Light, recently.

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Father__Merrin564d ago

That frame work visuals are actually excellent tbh. Another rayman would be excellent but everything has to be open world or and rpg these days.

Fingers crossed next genbwebseenabresurgencebofbsin glebplayerbganes

Teflon02563d ago

If they make a new Rayman using it. I'd prefer they have the music stages and traditional stages and remove the legends touch stages. That was the one thing that ruined legends for me personally

monkey602563d ago (Edited 563d ago )

UbiArts games were incredible. It's such a shame they're gone. Definitely the most interesting thing to come from Ubi in the last number of years

instantstupor563d ago (Edited 563d ago )

If only EA had come to the same realization about Frostbite....

From article:

According to him, the engine ended up not becoming as widespread as Ubisoft initially planned because “the tools were difficult to use.” Ubisoft did have greater ambitions for the engine, with Yves even saying that “at one point we wanted to give them to everybody [in Ubisoft].” [...] That being said, Ubisoft noticed that they would have to “spend a lot of time with a lot of people to actually help people to use it” if they went down that route, so they ultimately decided against giving it to all of their studios.

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