Borderlands 3 Will Show Failed Looter-Shooters How It’s Done

We have dealt with mediocrity for far too long and gamers deserve better. Now is the time to show the likes of Bungie, Massive, and Bioware just how it’s done.

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ElementX731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

There's a difference between a multi/single player loot shooter like Borderlands and an online games like Destiny and Anthem. I don't really see how you can say that Borderlands will show them anything, they're different genres with different mechanics. The only thing they have in common is collecting gear.

isarai731d ago

This, the purpose in Borderlands loot is to "Show you something badass and cool" whereas online "looter shooter"s loot is only meant to make you feel enticed to spend money to get something better/faster by giving you loot that never fully satisfies.

zRude730d ago

for me it shows it in 6 months after launch. Cause i sure as hell wont even install that epic store on my pc.

Ricegum730d ago

Still sad about this? Wow, what are you going to do when Red Dead 2 and all of the other 2K games release on the Epic Store? Just pick it up on console if you feel so strongly about it.

Hungryalpaca730d ago

Or he could just wait? Like most of us are?

seanpitt23730d ago

Borderlands have always been average in my opinion and I don't see any different from this one

ShinRon730d ago

i would have agreed in the past but the standards have actually been lowered for loot shooters and Borderlands is better than most of them

milohighclub730d ago

Well it may show bungie and bioware a thing or too but I think massive are holding their own.

DVAcme730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

Um, no. Gearbox hasn't had a true hit in years, and they're desperate to go black with BL3. Expect it to be monetized to shit and be more of the same looter shooter garbage the genre has become. I have zero faith in this game, and I was a HUGE fan of the Borderlands series.

Ricegum730d ago

You really don't sound like you were HUGE fan at all. So what happened to the last Borderlands for you to have zero faith? It is one of the only series out there that is consistent and enjoyable.

Highlife730d ago

Huge fan of Borderlands 1 and 2 but The pre sequel was not good at all. And honestly BL3 doesn't look this gen. It better run at 60 fps if it looks like that.

Hungryalpaca730d ago

One of the only that’s consistent and enjoyable? Sure. If you only play borderlands.

DVAcme730d ago

Duke Nukem Forever, Bulletstorm, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Battleborn. I didn't lose faith in Borderlands, I lost faith in GEARBOX. They haven't developed a decent game SINCE BORDERLANDS 2. And who are Gearbox's bosses? TAKE-TWO. I bet Strauss Zelnick is breathing down Randy Pitchford's (may his name be forever covered in shit) neck making him shit himself and forcing him to monetize the shit out of the game to guarantee long term profit. After all, those are the same assholes that made the 2K sports games, GTA Online and Red Dead Online, three heads of the repugnant gaming hydra of games-as-a-service and excessive monetization.

Like, seriously, anyone expecting anything outstanding from Gearbox is deluded.