Borderlands 2 is Fantastic When Xbox One X Enhanced | Gamerheadquarters

Borderlands 2 continues to deliver with a Xbox One X Enhancement that increases the resolution and helps to make this great game look better than ever before on the platform.

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TheCryptKeeper562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Welcome to 2012. How's the PhysX?

Gwiz562d ago

It's about the only game that uses Physx very well lol (I know on PC Nvidia)
Old or not it beats other looter shooters by a mile.

Vegamyster562d ago

Metro LL & Killing Floor 2 did it nicely but that's about it unless performance tanking hair is your thing lol.

561d ago
Movefasta1993561d ago

I have been playing it recently with PhysX and it look beautiful

561d ago
Movefasta1993561d ago

I hope so too that 3 has it, but nvidia haven't really evolved phsyx from a gen ago, I prefer it over ray tracing

otacon68562d ago

Borderlands 2 is fantastic on PS4 pro with PSVR and aim controller.

Unspoken562d ago

Fantastic as in glitchy buggy stutter fest? Mmmkay

Dark_Knightmare2562d ago

Yeah that’s not true at all but nice try 👍

Parasidious562d ago

BL2 is fantastic regardless.

badboyz09562d ago

This game is 9.8/10

Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!

Ricegum562d ago

Game looks the same on PS4 Pro, with HDR 4k 60fps.

Dark_Knightmare2562d ago

It does lol. They both run in 4K hdr and have texture packs to be downloaded

Dragonscale561d ago

It's actually true as much as some will deny it lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.