Games32: Pipe Mania PSP Review

Games32 writes: "If we back in time, let's say... in 1989, I bet you remember the one puzzle game that was keeping you busy all day long. It was Pipe Mania, a title which sold over 4 million copies, making it one of the most successful puzzle game ever created. This month, Empire Interactive brought us a remake of Pipe Mania, but will it rise to the fame of its predecessor?

Pipe Mania remake comes will lots of features that will give a bonus to gameplay and replayability. For instance, the remake comes with a story, a very basic and simple story in which the main characters are introduced and what your objective is. Your name is Alfonso Senior, now retired from the pluming business. You retired on an paradise island, which is now covered in dust and smoke thanks to cowboy plumbers, one in particular named Buffalo Bonzo."

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