Top 10 Best JRPGs You Can't Miss

JRPGs is a large niche with a wide fanbase, which makes deciding what to play (especially for the uninitiated) quite hard. Here are 10 great JPRGs that everybody can enjoy, whether or not they’ve dabbled with this genre before.

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jreeves821518d ago

They should have renamed this list the top 10 JRPG's that are not named final fantasy.

wevicoruyu1518d ago

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Fist4achin1518d ago

I thought this was a solid list. There are a few that I'm not sure I will get to try, but overall, these are titles that jrpg fans should strive to play through.

Tigerblud1518d ago

Solid list. Mine would be way different.

MidnightMay0r1518d ago

Xenoblade chronicles on the list but using a image for xenoblade 2?

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