Ranked: Top 5 "Soulslike" games not developed by FromSoft

Mick Fraser: "It's such a masochistically popular sub-genre that it's no wonder many other developers have tried to ape the core mechanics in an attempt to get a slice of that rage-inducing pie. But determining which are worth your time and money, and which are just pretenders is tricky, so we've rounded up 5 of the best examples available today."

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jeki489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

What about Ashen, have you guys played that?

CanadianTurtle489d ago

Does anyone know if God of War(PS4) is souls-like? I'm worried about playing it because I'm not interested in these souls-like games at all. It's just not my genre, and I'd hate to see one of my favourite action series get the DarkSouls treatment.

LordoftheCritics489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

Don't worry God of War is the exact opposite.

You will enjoy it.

I'm not a fan of these death simulators either.

jznrpg489d ago

It’s not Souls like but you do need to pay attention to combat especially on harder difficulties

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Casepb489d ago

Kinda weird that you still never played it and it's one of your favorites.

RabbitFly489d ago

God of war borrows the control scheme from the soulslikes, but it really does make it into it's own thing.

I remember being hopeful that God of War could potentially evolve the soulslike to be more arcady. To see if such a formula would still work without the punishing mechanics. However God of War did not actually do that. I would say that god of war actually plays a lot more like God of War than any soulslike, despite using the soulslike control setup.

The combat in God of war is really quite amazing. So while it did not exactly show me what I wanted or what I expected. What it actually did was probably better. It heightened the "action beat em up" genre to a whole new level. And it did that by quite a huge margin.

Especially when you compare it to the other one that has attempted something similar. Namely assassin's creed. Where they seemingly copied the control system but completely missed all of the design behind the system that made it great in the soulslike games. I. e. Enemy design.

Sony Santa Monica seemed to have been keenly aware that changing the controls should not diminish the experience of the genre the game was traditionally part of. You will still be fighting multiple opponents at a time, you will still feel very powerful and you will still use jugle-like mechanics to manage the battlefield. Not only is the combat design of God of War clearly mindful of where the game and the genre it is part of comes from, but I would argue heightens it to a whole new level entirely. Probably one of the most cohesive and well designed combat experiences ever done.

You really have nothing to worry about.

EmperorDalek489d ago

God of War on the hardest difficulty was actually harder than The Fromsoftware games. On normal mode it's not so so bad. But it does play a bit like a Souls game with added abilities, I'd we're just talking about combat mechanics.

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Father__Merrin489d ago

Lords of fallen was excellent combat and movement was extremely clunky but the graphics and level structure was awesome loved all the wep and armor sets.

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