Conan Exiles: Platinum Trophy in Under Two Hours

Conan Exiles is now available to download for free as part of April's PlayStation Plus. Follow our guide to unlock all of the game's trophies in under two hours.

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Alek831022d ago

So make yourself an admin of your own server and use GM powers?
I didn't read the article, but that's what I assume.

Cheating to get trophies... Yeah.... Time well spent.

roadkillers1022d ago

Everybody has their own game, some is earning plats..

Seraphim1022d ago

it's one thing to earn them. Another to cheat/cheese your way to getting one. What's the point of obtaining a trophy/platinum if you didn't even play/enjoy the game? Accessing an admin tab and entering in words to unlock level up trophies and/or other various trophies is hardly earning them.

chris2351022d ago

i guess posting on the internet makes up for that lost quality time, ehh? biased kids are funny.

MarcoGT1022d ago

I tried the admin powers yesterday not realising this to level up and got all the level up trophies to my surprise thinking wtf lol. Strange choice to allow this.

MasterofMagnetism1021d ago

2 hour plat sounds nice but not really worth it since it would take me days to dl this game.