Why Video Game Stories Are Bad

I think video game stories are bad because their creators haven’t found an organic way to blend gameplay and story. It’s hard to have gameplay and story going on at the same time.

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ziggurcat1524d ago

Dead Space did that brilliantly.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1523d ago

The bloody baron story of Witcher 3 says hello.

Aeery1522d ago

Some are bad, some are good.
Like everything else on this planet when it comes to art and creativity.

GameStallion1522d ago

It did indeed and so did Bloodborne so this article shouldn’t have a misleading picture of it for their title because the story and lore creation in that game is one of the most dynamic and wonder inducing ever told... that is, if you can properly peice it together. I recommend VaatiVida’s YouTube page for the most comprehensive interpretation.

Nyxus1524d ago

There are plenty of good video game stories.

SterlingSilver1524d ago

Please just actually read the article

Rimeskeem1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Not his fault the title is click baity

sampsonon1522d ago

We would rather not read the article.
Noticed how bad the articles posted on this site are?

CorndogBurglar1522d ago

Write an accurate headline then instead of trying to make it click bait. You write this headline and then give this description then can't figure out why people don't want to give it the time of day?

There is nothing positive in your headline or description. So yeah, people are going to read that and not even bother reading the article because you seemed to have made it pretty clear already.

ChiefofLoliPolice1522d ago

Please just use common sense and realize it's a clickbait article.

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ArchangelMike1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Brilliant article. Event though I think it overlooks many games that have used gameplay to tell great stories. I'm thinking of Bioshocl for example. The way the player was directed, and how that was integral tot eh story. They you also have game sequels like Mass Effect 1-3, that tell an engaging and coherent story over a number of sequels. I know these are few and far between, but they are out there. Also there are a few games where the story telling and narrative is the primary focus, (these are usually your walking simulators tbf like EveryBody's Gone to the Rapture, Edith Finch, Gone Home etc).

But increasingly I think there are more games that strike a good balance., e.g. God of War, The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption etc etc. These all had really strong story combined with great gameplay. So I think the industry is getting there. But yeah there is a much higher initial financial investment involved because, cutscenes have evolved to the point where you need a mocap studio with live actors, and not just animators and voice actors anymore.

ziggurcat1523d ago

yeah, Bioshock is another game that seamlessly incorporates the game's story without using cutscenes.

william_cade1522d ago

Some of those games you mention are interactive books, less game really. And as much as I love the Last of Us and RDR. The stories themselves are way short of profound, which is what I think good writing is.

ArchangelMike1522d ago

A good story doesn't have to be profound at all. The most common stories are love stories, and they are the simplest stories and some of the best. Nothing wrong with simple straight forward stories. However, you get alot of video game stories with forced plot twists and overly obtuse narratives just to artificially lengthen the experince and give you more fetch quests to complete.

But the point is - you have some games that focus primarily on story and less on gameplay, and then you have others that are more gameplay focused at the expense of story. Take Marvel's Spiderman for example, the story was pretty striaght forward, nothing profound about it, but it was still a good story and and good example of the balance of story and gamplay.

And I'd have to disagree with you on TLOU. imho that game did have a profound story - especially if you got to the end :)

william_cade1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Then good is average? Well we have a ton of average stories, which are good? I don't get it.

Simple stories can be profound and not. The difference is the effect and they way they affect. An average simple story, while solid will ultimately be lost in a sea of other average stories. If we are to take the Last of Us story as a piece of writing then it's whatever, but combine it with gameplay - now we have something.

If the writer is actually good then many things will change because of the writing.

I got to the end and yes the lie was a perfect way to end that story. And the Last of Us is one of my top 3 games of all time, but to say it was profound would be a slight toward the world changing authors that have come before it.

ShadowWolf7121522d ago

If your measure of "Good" is "world-changing", then almost nothing is good.

You've got some pretty out-of-whack standards, my guy.

Edito1523d ago

I think that or you don't know how to read or the other way you read it and don't understand or simple your are looking for something in the wrong place... Because there is a lot of good stories out there...

Segata1523d ago

Yakuza 0 & Nier Automata have some brilliant stories.

King_Noctis1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Yakuza 0 story is very heartbreaking, especially if you had played some of the numbered Yakuza game before that. Truly one of best game stories out there.