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Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered does a good job bringing an older game into the modern era, all things considered, but it can be hard to go back to.

luckytrouble1912d ago

Assassin's Creed 3 was already a really medicore game. This is a remaster I'm not sure anyone was actually asking for. Just shy of an 8 comes across as fairly generous, really.

Metalfury1912d ago

Ac3 is one of the best ac games to date and this is the game that brought me back to ac franchise after ac2.

Palitera1912d ago

To me, it means the first game where they stopped caring about excellence. Glitches, bad controls, ridiculous pace (the tutorial lasts 8 hours?), bad story, untied mechanics (trading caravans) etc.

The first in the steep downhill.

starchild1912d ago

This idea that Assassin's Creed 2 is better than all the other games doesn't hold up under any objective criteria. And subjectively obviously people are going to have different tastes. I enjoyed AC3 more than AC2. I think it animated and controlled better than AC2 and I resonated with Connor more than Ezio. Overall I liked the setting and story better in AC3.

That said, I enjoyed AC Origins and AC Odyssey more than any previous Assassin's Creed games. For me the series has gone uphill.

Palitera1912d ago

Curious about what would be the "objective criteria" chosen by you...

Anyway, it went way downhill and then changed a lot with the recent games. The two latest games can't be included in the mess they were making.

Tross1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

@Palitera I disagree about the story. The overarching plot sucks hard, sure. I mean, the showdown with Vidic hyped up over multiple games ended just like that? What a giant middle finger. But, the historical stuff which is the bulk of any AC game has a well-crafted story IMHO, with some neat twists and turns not seem up to that point in the series.

Relientk771912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

"Too much 'Murica"



Obelisk921912d ago

That's ridiculous, the game is no way below a 7.9!

Literal_Cringe1912d ago

They should have remastered any other game before 3.

Jon_Targaryen1912d ago

Heck remake the first one seeing that the Ezio collection exists.

Tross1912d ago

Ummm....they pretty much have. They just haven’t done the bare bones first game/Bloodlines at this point.

Jon_Targaryen1912d ago

Not the best in the series... Why remaster it?

Tross1912d ago

Not the worst either, your point? They’ve remastered almost all the other games, so why not?

Jon_Targaryen1910d ago

Id rather remaster the first game. Its ten times the game than this POS

Tross1910d ago

@Jon_Targaryen What first game are you talking about? The one I played is as basic as this series gets. It's not a bad starting point, but the second game and beyond really expand on it. Gameplay wise, even the PSP sequel has ledge kills, which that first game does not. A remaster would probably fix the lack of subtitles, but it can't fix the basic structure of go to town, do three objectives, then kill dude. All subsequent games at least try to have variety in their mission structure. There really isn't much in the way of optional side stuff either, and replay value is quite limited. Altair is a pretty one-note character until the PSP game, and his story here is just kind of...meh. At least the stuff with Desmond is kind of interesting.

As for ACIII, it has all the gameplay elements of previous games plus the new tree-running mechanic. There's a ton of optional content. Story-wise...I've already shared my thoughts in a previous post. I find Connor to be a much more interesting lead too. So...no, I disagree with you that the first game is ten times the game.

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6 Worst Video Game Remasters

GF365: "Occasionally, developers try to revamp classic games and sometimes they mess it up. Here are our picks for the six worst video game remasters."

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SinisterMister412d ago

They did the OG GTA Trilogy dirty.

badz149411d ago

yup, with the amount of money they are making with GTAV, and the amount of time they've had with both the games and the hardware, what they chose to do with the Remasters was criminal!

just_looken411d ago

So true but the worst is the borderline death of the mod community thanks to the remaster and take 2 in general.

They are remastering gtaiv so now any mod for that game is under fire and soon a worse version of that game will get tossed out.

If you head to youtube there is a year later videos on the gta trilogy they now removed stuff like physics to get the game to work but its still trying to be as good as those mobile ports.

Here is one good video to watch

Chard411d ago

I recall the remaster of IV got cancelled in order to prioritise VI and fixing the trilogy. But I'm assuming this is as good as the 'definitive' trilogy will get through official support - I wonder how much more could be done by the mod community. The original III and VC have reverse engineered ports which are probably the best current way to play them.

just_looken411d ago


Groove street is working on a unannounced project still they are going to do something for gtaiv anniversary based on a rumor.

Do not forget gta trilogy was the 3rd best selling game under the take 2 umbrella that year.

Demetrius411d ago

Ain it tho smh and they still won’t overhaul them smh I just purchased the original trilogy for my ps2 slim the cds were even still new posters in the case with the manuals lol I still play them for hours I won’t even look at gameplay of the defective edition bullsh**

Chard411d ago

are they still patching it?

just_looken411d ago

grove street stopped patching few months in and is now working on a unannounced title while a inhouse team in rockstar made the game playable so all missions can be finished and got that team got it back on steam store.

As my comment uptop states there are videos showing documentation and though it on steam the game is not near the quality of the mobile ports it came from. The ps2 era copies just destroy it overall.

Profchaos411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

Yet it still sold over 10 million. I'm guilty of buying it twice ps5 and switch. And it still crashes at the end of specific missions like the casino heist in GTA SA when playing at 30 fps or the mission in vc where you and Lance race the boat to the dealer.

Despite that it's still better than it was but could be better.

They knew these games had huge demand they should of done each game properly seven if that meant developing each title individually over a year or two rather than all three at once and or a full remake rather than a remaster with generic ue4 assets and effects slotted in

Yet despite all of this I'm extremely hopeful that after 6 drops we get a HD trilogy on modern system whatever that may be ps6 switch 3 and Xbox series next