Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Saturday 1st November 2008

Console Monster writes: "If you're looking for an excuse not to brave the cold weather outside then look no further as the Xbox Live Marketplace has been updated. Continuing the run of excellent demos comes 'Naruto: The Broken Bond'. Ok it's not excellent but hey, it's still a demo. Here is the full list of content for Saturday 1st November 2008:

Name: Naruto: The Broken Bond Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions
Description: The Broken Bond is the new action adventure that takes the story to a deeper level within the naruto universe. Take your ninja skills online with the only naruto game to feature an online multiplayer challenge.
Size: 765 MB

Name: Mortal Kombat vs. DC United - MK Picture Pack 2
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions

Name: Battlefield: Bad Company Community Choice Pack
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions..."

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DarkSniper4029d ago

Be sure to download this content as soon as possible. Before Microsoft deletes the content off of their servers. Causing an outrage to hard working Xbox live activists who spend several dollars to have a so called "ultimate" gaming experience.


InMyOpinion4028d ago

Maybe they should follow Sonys model and not add any new content at all. Keep their marketplace like PSN aka the desert.

xaviertooth4028d ago

99% of PSN content speak of quality; 99% of Live are crap!!

as for the "PSN a desert" comment, you don't obviously own a PS3 to state that.

PotNoodle4028d ago

The Playstation stores unique content makes that part of the PSN > Xbox live.

FCC4028d ago

"99% of PSN content speak of quality; 99% of Live are crap!!

as for the "PSN a desert" comment, you don't obviously own a PS3 to state that."

The Metacritic scores beg to differ, so does the list of games on wiki

More than half of them are announced, not released. Contrast to the XBLA list that has 173 released and has more upcoming games than the PSN released games... Try and spin that.

Granted that quality may differ but there's tons of good games in the XBLA, not 3.

robotnik4028d ago

Metacritic scores and Wikipedia, please, dont be a moron.

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power of Green 4028d ago

Bad ass for a Naruto game(pretty deep and with style) Love the tag team gameplay.

It's purty 2(the amount of detail is crazy)

power of Green 4028d ago

You dissagree? the good dam game is a friggin work of art and pops at you like *Braid* in a way but with Anime and on a much bigger budget.

They added more QTE's making the game play more like an interactive episode(mixed up with action and story).

Dmitry Orlov4028d ago

At last!
So tired to play the gimped rus version :(
Russian can't do games, localise them, etc. Just like russian cars, russian games are crap.

tudors4028d ago

I bet the Japanese love it.