Miyamoto Struggles to Sell Inscrutable Wii Music Game

Nintendo gaming guru Shigeru Miyamoto and his top designers had a heck of a time making Wii Music, and he admits that they didn't quite nail it. Now Nintendo is having a difficult time selling the somewhat inscrutable Wii Music to gamers hooked on Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

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TheColbertinator4029d ago

Speaking of Nintendo,I can't wait for that next Zelda game.It will be sweet like all other Zelda games

Jecht4029d ago

It's going to be "accessible". And you know that that's Nintendo's favourite marketing buzz word. Guess what it means?

Kamikaze1354029d ago

Yeah, all of Nintendo's first party games now MUST appeal to the casual audience. Even though they say they're making games for the core gamer. I think they're lying. The last core game they made was Twilight Princess and that was on the Gamecube (then ported to the Wii). Mario Galaxy and Metroid ware both ridiculously, but way too easy. Sort of like they dumbed it down for the kids to be able to beat it.

Jecht4029d ago

Exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if the next Zelda game was something like Zelda Party. A Mario Party spinoff only with the characters of Hyrule.

ape0074029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

oh man,if nintendo do this(which is possible)

nintendo will fade away from my mind

and there's a problem,I wanna tell you

GRAPHICS are important,if nintendo want to do a real zelda game,wii's graphics will hold it back,the game will be so outdated,since awesome looking game is coming like gears 2,resi 5,killzone 2 and can you imagine what gow 3 and uncharted 2 will look like,I know the zelda team is one of the best teams in the world but limit is a limit,graphics are that important,am afraid nintendo realize that next zelda will look outdated and therefor jump into plan B,and make it.........CASUAL............D OOOOM

so nintendo has now 2 options,do a harcore zelda with sh!!ty graphics or make it casual,nintendo really put them selves in a bad position,it's like nintendo is getting squeezed by two hard walls ,nintendo really made a mistake when they first announce the wii,that's really all I can say about this situation,I hope reggie reads this comment and translate it to myiamotto

sorry,my english is a bit hard to understand but I hope I get better with time

SaiyanFury4029d ago

The problem with the Wii is not it's graphics. The GC had great video presentation and some Wii games also have great presentation. It's the nature of the games that makes the difference. Catering to casuals sacrifices the core audience with simple gameplay and story, and as a result, you lose that audience. No doubt the core Nintendo audience eats up everything Nintendo, but they do nothing new to attract the new core gamers.

ChickeyCantor4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )


Motion + could make it more accessible too ;).

The visuals will hold Zelda back?
Right, you have been enjoying the games many years and now the visuals will hold it back...
Funny since Gameboy was a step back in visuals if we look at links awakening compared to Link to the past and imo they were both great.

Also if you think Nintendo will be going "casual" with the new zelda...I think you missed the boat with Zelda:OOT.

Jecht4028d ago

Motion + doesn't mean accessible. When Nintendo says accessible, they mean casual. Twilight Princess has motion sensing, I don't expect that a further boost in range detection and response time will make the game more accessible to people who've never played a Zelda game before.

AAACE54028d ago

I think Nintendo have stretched Miyamoto too thin! Almost all of their titles worth mentioning have come from him... And when he is not directly involved with something, it doesn't do what gamers want. Now it seems his quality is starting to lack. Does Nintendo have anyone who can make quality titles on their own without Miyamoto?

I'm just pissed off cause the last Zelda game I liked was Ocarina of Time. And Wind Waker and Twilight Princess didn't get me hooked like I thought they would.

You got Square Enix fans asking for a FFVII remake... I want a Ocarina of Time remake!

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PistolPumptMonk4029d ago

Didn't quite nail it?

That statement is the first legit contender for "understatement of the year"

omodis4204029d ago

no calling it revolutionary was

omodis4204029d ago

He might not struggle to sell it if it didn't suck so bad.

Old Snake4029d ago

Hmmm, were are all the morons who bought Wii Fit? I'd expect them to pick this up.

Jecht4029d ago

Come on, WiiMusic against GH or RB? A game with no competition, no real reason to play it unless you want to look like an idiot? It's like Mario Paint Composer with Mii's.

omodis4204029d ago

This is almost as bad as virtual boy

ChickeyCantor4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

...what intention did Wii-music had to be compared to GH or RB?
They are both different things.

Jecht4028d ago

They are in the same genre, that is games where you play instruments as the main gameplay. That's where the comparison begins and ends. What Nintendo forgot is that people like having actual goals to accomplish in games. With WiiMusic, there is no such thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.