Another Sony Interactive Entertainment Backwards Compatibility patent goes public

Sony Interactive Entertainment has had yet another Backwards Compatibility patent go live. Today, a filing from 2017 has gone public and the creator is none other than Mr. Cerny.

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Jin_Sakai1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

It’s coming. Has to be at this point.

SuperSonic911891d ago

PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS Vita emulation imminent?

Eidolon1890d ago

What makes you think that?

Tapani1890d ago

I'd love to have all my PSN games playable from PSX to PS4 on PS5. That would really make me want to pre-order the console as soon as they become available. I'd want ONE machine to run all of my PSN purchases in 4K upscaled with good emulation and enhancements. That would be a huge huge factor for me.

bouzebbal1890d ago

This is for PS5.. Makes no sense to develop features for a console almost at the end of its lifecycle.

SuperSonic911890d ago


Like PCs the PS5 will just be a next gen and more powerful evolution of the PS4 that can run games in 4K 60fps.

That is just the logical step forward but who knows.

jznrpg1890d ago

Tapani it would be nice but I’m preordering day one regardless!

Jon_Targaryen1890d ago

Id get a PS5 day one if it does that.

MajorLazer1890d ago

Atleast PS4 for sure. The last 8 or so games (all were/are big releases) I've bought have all been through the PSN store because I hope to replay these when I get the PS5 (planning to get it on launch). PS3 and low BC would just be absolutely immense. Being able to play gems from all gens would be incredible

frostypants1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

On PS5, maybe. PS4 doesn't have enough horsepower to emulate the PS3's architecture smoothly. The overhead is just too much.

Hardiman1890d ago

There was a legacy emulator patent filed a while back. The word was it(presumably PS5) would have tech that play PSX, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games.

1890d ago
S2Killinit1890d ago

I like having all my purchased videos on there as well.

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Ricegum1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

This is very interesting. Hopefully it's full BC and at the least PS4 discs are accepted. For me, the icing would be if trophies are implemented into older games.

DarXyde1890d ago

Some interesting things concerning this patent. Take a look at the structure...

If running on the new CPU (PS5 software), it runs the application. The end.

But if it's running on the legacy CPU (i.e., backwards compatibility mode), there are some interesting implications.

"With selected available resources restricted" can mean it just shuts off extraneous processes, or something else. Not sure.

"With selected features disabled" could mean a number of things: disabling potential DLSS or real time ray tracing for software it wasn't made for (assuming it has either)? Online features? Trophy support? It's pretty ambiguous and may depend on the software on a case-by-case basis.

"Latency of instruction execution altered" is an interesting one because it not only confirms a CPU with different clock cycles (duh), but it also means that, if they are altered, titles will run differently than the legacy hardware. I'm tempted to say "better" of course, but obviously, "altered " simply suggests it will not run *the same* as the original legacy hardware.

What's quite interesting is the diagram doesn't seem to suggest it will manage all 4 modes simultaneously, but in one of 4 ways, which probably means we'll have options.

Last thing I want to say: this is the patent for how it runs with the CPU... there is nothing about the GPU, which makes me think that this is going to really up the ante on existing software in terms of graphics processing. Maybe that patent has yet to surface, but if there isn't one, it will probably try to run games in BC mode with the full weight of the GPU behind it. That's pretty damn exciting.

The article just posts the patent and I'm a bit disappointed they don't say more in terms of analysis. There's a fair amount of speculation to be gleaned from this.

CrimsonPheonix1890d ago

no one cares about your trophies the more you have the more of a loser you are.

Sophisticated_Chap1890d ago

Hopefully it's full BC and you have access to the digital downloads you purchased on PS3. I personally have around 70 PSN digital downloads from the PS3 era, so I will be over the moon if this comes true.

rainslacker1890d ago

Think they're expending a lot of resources for it to not be a thing. I can't imagine they'd put cerny to all that work for just psnow or their remasters program. Honestly seems like a lot more work than is probably necessary, but maybe it's more than what we expect

SwampthingsSon1890d ago

But what about all the Sony guys that said no one plays old games and no one wants BC? What happened to the people making fun of MS for implementing this on their current gen console? What happened?

mkis0071890d ago

At the start of a gen, it can be important. At the middle not so much.

chiefJohn1171890d ago

two year after launch= middle?

JackBNimble1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Regardless the people who buy digital would like to keep one library of games rather then multiple .

mkis0071890d ago


Sor your saying you think its just as useful 2 years in as it is on day 1 when new content is lacking?

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RangerWalk2671890d ago

Then it would make almost every PlayStation 4 owner a hypocrite. When Microsoft announced backwards compatibility, all you heard from Sony Fanboys was why not just plug in your old system we don't want to play old games. So if Sony does this it will truly show how sheepish Fanboys are

P_Bomb1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

But I do still have all my old consoles plugged in. Still have my BC PS3 memory card adapters and a game room to rep them.

There’s a couple of you guys in this thread that really need to stop with absolutes like “almost every PlayStation 4 owner a hypocrite”. After all that play together and crossplay talk, there’s still this contingent determined to divide.

OB1Biker1889d ago

'Then it would make almost every PlayStation 4 owner a hypocrite '
Think of what you just said for one minute and maybe theres a chance you consider the possibility that self righteousness while insulting everyone is somehow questionable?

1890d ago
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Sono4211890d ago

I think it's for PS5 personally...