Xbox Project xCloud's coolest thing is its approach to phones

Microsoft's approach to Project xCloud mobile game streaming is unlike anything the rest of the market is doing, and that's perfect. No controller needed for Project xCloud.

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ThinkThink505d ago

I think I would still prefer to use the controller but It's cool that developers can customize the touch controller and have multiple controllers per game depending on what you're doing in the game.

rainslacker504d ago

Think it would depend on the game. Some would be fine with what I'll call mobile game controls. Others, not so much. The one demo they showed caused your fingers to take up a significant portion of the screen, which is often used for hud information in a lot of games

Razzer505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Let's be clear. Phones are why xCloud exists. Their GDC was all about phones. Phil Spencer laid it out plain as day. He isn't interested nearly as much in console gamers. He wants 2 billion gamers. That means phones. 2 billion consoles? Not happening.

SLiSH83505d ago

He doesn’t care about what device you play on, just as long as you’re playing in the Xbox ecosystem.
One day Sony fanboys will wake up and see past their walled off garden

yarbie1000505d ago

> Pays for multiplayer access in Microsoft's Walled Garden
> Attacks others for playing in a walled garden


TheUndertaker85505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

@yarbie: Except you don’t have to pay for multiplayer on anything but Xbox 360 & Xbox One. Xbox Live integration on other devices is completely free as we can already see with Minecraft.

It’s also ironic that Sony is charging for multiplayer access on PS4 as well so... I don’t think you have much of a point or one at all. Nintendo also is for Nintendo Switch.

The other issue is currently, Microsoft really doesn’t have a walled garden as it’s extending their network to outside platforms. This is evidenced by Xbox Live integration and features being available on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. Doing so kind of kills the hole “walled garden” thing on Microsoft’s end. It actually does for Nintendo as well. With Sony rejecting these services from outside companies it’s pretty simple to see where the biggest wall exists.

peterdawa505d ago

Sloshed83 you seem drunk on Microsoft juice. Too much crack...........down 3? We play games and not corporations. Did you do a survey of 90 million gamers to decide we are concerned about x play. Ridiculous. Wish Microsoft and Sony well. Stop the hate kid

CaptainCook505d ago

Why are you being downvoted for stating facts?

RauLeCreuset504d ago

"One day Sony fanboys will wake up and see past their walled off garden."

Playstation, the market leader, uses a business model that successful consoles have been using for decades to satisfy their customers while making money for the console manufacturer. No need to crap on that model because Xbox failed to sell as many consoles as they would like. It's sad that some are such Xbox loyalists that they will suddenly turn to crapping on things you used to be good with the moment its clear Xbox isn't able to compete in those areas.

Razzer504d ago

"He doesn’t care about what device you play on, just as long as you’re playing in the Xbox ecosystem. "

Agreed. Xbox ecosystem isn't about Xbox consoles anymore.

"One day Sony fanboys will wake up and see past their walled off garden"

lol.....where were all the complaints from Xbox gamers about their wall before now? Why are you not demanding that the wall within the Xbox console ecosystem be taken down? Why the hypocrisy?

" Except you don’t have to pay for multiplayer on anything but Xbox 360 & Xbox One. Xbox Live integration on other devices is completely free as we can already see with Minecraft."

lol...why do people seem to forget that Minecraft wasn't always owned by Microsoft? It had a massive presence on many platforms before MS bought it which they were not about to muck with. And how big of a sucker is Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners when they have the only devices in the "Xbox ecosystem" that are charged for online?

"It’s also ironic that Sony is charging for multiplayer access on PS4 as well so... I don’t think you have much of a point or one at all."

Actually, that is the point entirely. You guys are acting like suddenly you don't have a wall when your console fee for entry to multiplayer and closed store is the wall. Just because MS fell more in love with smartphone gamers than console gamers doesn't change the fact that those consoles are still being held to the same limitations that they have always had. Again, why are you not demanding the wall for Xbox console be taken down? You are just going to pretend it isn't still there?

rainslacker504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

Sonh keeps putting pretty flowers in the middle of their garden so we dont see the walls.

One would have to have a problem with the garden to want to look for a way out. If were happy here, is that wrong? You guys are championing a service, and not even worried that the games aren't really being delivered. Ms has made you almost believe that because the games you want to play are available on more places, it somehow makes those games better.

Oh, and xbox is still a walled garden. Last I checked your windows store games still aren't playable on xbox except a limited selection. Last I checked, your steam library isn't available on xbox.

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BizarroUltraman505d ago

shut the hell up..obviously hes not talking 2billion consoles, not even your favorite brand(Playstation) can pull that off!. if he wasn't interested in consoles they wouldn't be making several skus for next gen. Its about opening up the eco system and bringing Xbox games to many devices. Im gonna stick to consoles or build PC, a powerful one, not the fake shit most of yall say you have,hahahaha

Razzer504d ago

lol.....tell that to those who downvoted then, Einstein.

Zeref504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

you're getting downvoted because everyone knows he's not talking about 2 billion consoles.

That's just logical. You didn't need to say that.
I don't think the whole gaming industry COMBINED has reached 2 billion consoles yet, in it's entire existence.

Razzer504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

"“For us, it’s all about how we reach 2 billion gamers,” said Spencer. “If you build the market around a couple hundred million people who are going to own a game console or a high-end gaming PC, then your business-model diversity can actually narrow because your customers are narrow. But when you think about reaching a customer with this content where their only compute device could be an Android phone, you think about, well, what are all the ways that person pays for content if they do at all today?”

I guess you responded "no shit sherlock" to Phil Spencer as well, huh? And I got downvoted because people don't like this idea that the Xbox console is becoming more and more irrelevant. I don't blame them.

ThinkThink504d ago


Sure, you can say the xbox brand is becoming more relevant while consoles (will soon) become less relevant. That's just the way technology is going through. The Xbox brand and service can grow beyond consoles which is MS goal. Opening the pool to many more gamers is good for the industry as a whole, not just MS.

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timotim505d ago

The touch controls is what separates them from the rest. No controller needed. The option to just pull out your phone or tablet and continue playing on your spare time is killer.

akurtz505d ago

But remote play has onscreen touch controllers

timotim505d ago

So you understand the concept then...great. Remote Play, however, is NOT a competitor to xCloud or Stadia.

TheUndertaker85505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Yes however the touch options of Project xCloud seem to promise more versatility and adaptability compared to what the PS4 Remote Play app is doing currently. Not to mention we know Project xCloud will support controllers from the start, something that can not be said for Remote Play.

Xperia devices currently are the only mobile devices offering Remote Play controller support. Other mobile devices require both a jailbreak and third party software to use a PS4 controller.

IRetrouk505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Not sure about remote play as I've never used it but the ps4 controller connects to my wifes p20 pro and my galaxy s10 plus as a bluetooth controller no problem, no jailbreak or 3rd party app needed. I guess to run the app you would need to jailbreak unless on an xperia phone, hopefully they open it up to allow all phones to run the app, depends on demand I suppose.

spicelicka504d ago

I can't think of any Xbox game, other than 2d ones, that I would enjoy playing on a damn touch screen. None of those games are created for touch controls, it's like playing Halo with a potato.

Italiano1234567505d ago

O cool...I cant even run youtube or music on my verizon network when im traveling. How am i gonna run xbox games properly.

PoSTedUP505d ago

thats what im saying. i like the idea, but wtf is this ONE BAR crap im frequently dealing with in 2019. this is going to eat up massive data. im suppose to have unlimited but dont kid yourself, they slow you down when youve eaten too much of their data.

Gamingsince1981505d ago

"Unlimited" usually has a "fair use" policy so they can cut your speeds when they think you're using too much.

PoSTedUP505d ago

yeah i though that was the case. 5 songs on youtube later and video loading slows down tremendously. options are good but i need to see this inaction b4 i buy into it. so far im not hopeful.

bluefox755505d ago

Yeah, seems pretty pointless tbh.

ThinkThink504d ago

If you can't even run youtube or stream a song on your wifi, this cloud option is definitely not for you. Are you not able to even play games online?

jairusmonillas505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Sponsored positive news.
And now they even pay out sponsored social accounts to post positive replies.
Just because there are too many fake positive news and fake positive comments. That's not how popularity works and that doesn't guarantee xbox streaming and google streaming to NOT ultimately fail when launched. lol

PoSTedUP505d ago

it sure does get the investors investing though if thats the case.

ThinkThink504d ago

Where are the sponsored social media posts and the fake positive news? Could it be possible that people could actually be interested in this technology? Or is my opinion "sponsored" because you don't share it?

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