Long Live Single Player Experiences

Phil from Handsome Phantom talks about why he loves single player games and says, "Sony has led the way giving us incredible games like Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Spider-Man and so many more. When I think back on this generation these are the experiences I will remember most. Bethesda has had their fair share of single player bangers as well. Both Wolfenstein games, Fallout 4 and Doom have proven that the single player game is far from dead."

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ArchangelMike675d ago

Single player games are here to stay. It was a corporate lie that "single player games are dying."

ApocalypseShadow675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

Only reason some of these gamers push cross play and online is if their community dies or if online is cut off, these gamers have nothing to play.

A single player gamer always has something to play with or without multi-player option.

Case in point for me. CCP Games. They made Eve Valkyrie and Sparc for VR. Both games pushed multi-player heavily. The company has since abandoned VR because the community wasn't there and both games are dead or on life support. But the developer didn't think for an instant to make single player. No matter how cheap it goes on sale, I won't buy Sparc. Luckily, Eve has single player bots. Moss, Super Hot, Astrobot, Job Simulator, Beat Saber, etc on PSVR sold just fine because they were fun. And single player. Multi-player would be cool as an option. But shouldn't be forced.

Firewall I hear is a good playing game. But I won't buy a game that has only one mode, no single player and is online only. Community leaves, that game is dead. Which is why I see so many pushing the game on others to get it. Not just because it's fun. But to keep the game from dying. Single player never dies.

Single player shouldn't even be an option. It should be a requirement.

sampsonon674d ago

i thumbs up because of your first sentence.

Profchaos674d ago

It was my exact concern around firewall I took the plunge and now I can't get a game going in Australia I hear it's very popular in the US though.

Still I've gotten more enjoyment from single player titles with aim support like Doom and borderlands 2

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DaDrunkenJester674d ago

They aren't dying, but they sure as hell aren't as lucrative.

Nyxus674d ago

More successful than ever.

ApocalypseShadow674d ago

Jester, I come from an era of single player with the option of multiplayer. Most games on Atari were single player like Pitfall, Asteroids, Pac Man. Sure there was multi-player like Combat or Warlords. But you could play single player with bots.

Nintendo with Super Mario Bros, Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man, Castlevania. There was Contra, Turtles, Ikari Warriors,etc. But you could play them single player. Every console from Genesis and Sonic, SOR,Gunstar to Playstation with Resident Evil, Metal Gear Tenchu, Syphone Filter, etc, I've never needed a second player to have fun. And those games I mentioned sold well. Ninja Gaiden, Otogi, Halo on Xbox to GameCube with RE, Rogue Squadron...I could go from any system and mention well made, big selling single player like Devil May Cry, GOW,.

Couch co-op was crazy fun. Even online can be crazy fun. But why does a game need others to be fun? Lots of single player games from the past to the present keep selling because they're fun. We wouldn't have had sequels if they weren't selling.

These companies pushing multi-player are really just pushing micro transactions. I don't need them. I can perfectly play by myself in Skyrim VR and have a blast.

SuperSonic91674d ago

Microsoft and Nintendo have no respect for the power of video games as a medium of great story telling (books, music, theatre, and film) They are just there for the money.
PlayStation constantly tries tirelessly to evolve the medium as an art form of story telling since PSOne.
So far they have been very successful with millions of gamers around the world.

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PhoenixUp675d ago

Long live campaigns of various varieties

King_Noctis674d ago (Edited 674d ago )

With RE2 , KH3, Metro, DMC5, and Seikiro on SP’s side, and The Division 2, Apex Legend, and to a much much lesser extend, Anthem, on the MP’s side, I believe both MP and SP game are here to stay and should co exist with eachother.

Kribwalker674d ago

exactly. I don’t understand why all of these articles keep popping up to reassure people that single player games are not dying. Both can and have coexisted, and will continue to

quent674d ago

Yeah let's forget
every other platform to ever exist that gave us so many great games to ride Sony's dick some more shall we

Mr Marvel674d ago

I’m sure you know a lot about riding dick.

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NarutoFox674d ago

That certain group thought that single player games would die lmao

Kribwalker674d ago (Edited 674d ago )

Nobody said single player games would die, What’s been talked about is how Multiplayer games have been making more money than single player games, and that’s even been proven by Sony, Fate/grand order, making more money than any sony SP games has (it would take HZD selling 50 million copies to equal the amount this game has made

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