Far Cry 2 has narrow view of the world

A little over a year ago, in a major startling development for the industry, a game was released... A relatively minor spectacle, it crept in from somewhere left-field relatively unnoticed and radically under-hyped, landing on a few different platforms. It was called BioShock and it didn't like Widescreen monitors/TV.

Fast foward to October 2008. Far Cry 2 is released and there's a taste of deja vu in the air.

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Bathyj4028d ago

Make with the patch already.

Agent VX4028d ago

Brutal... don't own the game yet, but this definitely doesn't make me want it until they patch it up. My HP 24' widescreen deserves much more than this.

Come on, this is 2008, nobody buy 4:3 monitors anymore.

FCC4027d ago

An article has already been posted before with the exact same info... disapprove?

PS3Freak4027d ago

I noticed this, but it doesnt bother me because this game is so great.

4027d ago
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