Time Announce Top 50 Inventions Of 2008, One Game Makes List

Kotaku writes:

"Time magazine, masters of the high-brow "top XX" list, are back this week with their take on the top 50 inventions of 2008. The vast majority of them don't apply. To us, at any rate. We don't really cover the retail DNA testing industry, or the daily comings and goings surrounding the (awesome) global seed vault. No, we do games, so we're interested in the one, single video game that managed to make the list. And that game was...wait for it...yes, Spore, which came in at #20. Dubbed "the everything game" by the magazine, calling it "blasphemy, brilliance or both"."

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FBl4033d ago

This was prior to the launch of LBP I assume

GiantEnemyLobster4033d ago

You mean prior to one of the 3 patches right

jack who4033d ago

sum of the dumbest crap i ever seen

FBl4033d ago

I assume LBP will be on the list as soon as they revise it

TheIneffableBob4033d ago

Time Announce Top 50 Inventions Of *****2008*****

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