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Blasting a laser-guided T-Rex in Turok has never looked or felt better. Nightdive Studios delivers a trip back to the N64 era that preserves the iconic shooter, while drastically improving the visual and gameplay elements for a fantastic arcade experience that is sure to be a massive hit with fans of this franchise.

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Conor2017991d ago

When is the ps4 version of turock 1 and 2 being released

MadMax991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

No talk about it. Took this long to come out on switch. Was out on xbox awhile back. Im tempted on just buying this for switch digitally. I really want physical, but have heard no plans for a release. I even spoke with limited run games about it and they said there were no plans, but would be an awesome one to bring physical. Turok will bring back alot of memories to play again! To be able to play this in handheld mode would be very cool! Would like to see in on ps4, as that is my main console of choice.

BootHammer991d ago

If you are a fan of the series, you will have a blast with this on the Switch. I have so many great memories of playing it on the N64. Now we get the handheld version, with no fog, HD visuals and great controls ;b

BootHammer991d ago

That's a good question. Not sure what the hold up is on the PS4 port.

BootHammer991d ago

It has been a ton of fun to revisit this one ;b

CobraKai991d ago

The very first time I experienced a 3d (non Doom like) RPG WAS Turok and it blew me away. Hopefully part 2 get released as well.

BootHammer991d ago

It was mind blowing when released on the N64, LOL. Looking forward to picking up Turok 2 on the Switch as well. Nice username btw!

CobraKai991d ago

Haha thanks. I remember the blood on walls and arterial spray and was in awe. Then the cerebral bore came along in part 2......

I dunno why auto correct changed FPS to RPG and capitalized “was”

BootHammer990d ago

Same here! The blood effects was unheard of for the time, especially on a Nintendo console!

ccgr991d ago

Brings back memories!

BootHammer990d ago

Sure does =) Ready for Turok 2 now!

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