Hideaki Itsuno Was Ready To Leave Capcom After DmC: Devil May Cry

Hideaki Itsuno almost resigned from Capcom following the release of DmC: Devil May Cry.

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AK911038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

I don’t blame him after how bad that game was and how poorly it sold (almost killing the series) I wouldn’t want to be at the company that greenlit that abomination.

Dark_Knightmare21038d ago

The other article won’t let me respond anymore but quit saying it sold the worse and almost killed the series because that isn’t true. I don’t use wiki’s that anybody can put whatever they want the stats I posted were from capcom themselves from just back in August. I’m pretty sure they themselves know better than the wiki you tried to link.

Segata1038d ago

Capcom wanted the original release to sell 2 million. Which was lower than DMC4 sales. When they were not on track for that 2 million they lowered it to 1.2 million. The numbers only went up when they re-released it on everything else and even then DMCHD collection performed relatively better. Get over it. Donte is dead and the real Dante lives. Troll harder and elsewhere kid.

AK911038d ago

To further add to what Segata said the wiki takes the sales data FROM Capcom, silly boy you can rage all you want but the fact is only a loud minority liked DmC, the game is a faillure and a black mark on the series the fact that we got DMC5 instead of DmC 2 should make that obvious.

Dark_Knightmare21038d ago

@Ak91 lol no it doesn’t what I posted was from capcom and so the poster below can see what I’m talking about ill post them again. 4 sold 3 mil,DmC sold 2.4 mil,3 sold 2.3 mil,1 sold 2.16 mil,2 sold 1.7 mil and the hd collection sold 1.1 mil.

Dark_Knightmare21038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

@segata how is sharing my opinion that DmC isn’t bad like the hardcore gate keeping DMC fans try to make it out to be trolling? There’s a reason you see a lot of people on the web wanting a sequel to DmC and there’s a reason it sold well and is one of the highest rated DMC games there is. Trolling is saying hurr durr the DMC series sucks and only DmC is good which I’ve never said. Now I’ve said the series only has one masterpiece with DMC 3 while 1 and 4 are just ok and 2 is straight bad and I’m sorry but that’s not trolling. You don’t share my opinion that’s fine but don’t resort to the trolling accusation because you don’t agree with someone that’s just childish and not a good look.

Heavenly King1037d ago

DMC is the worst selling Devil May Cry game. That is a fact.
DMC is the worst Devil May Cry game; but it still is a good action game.

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Chexs19901038d ago

Yeah, so, the game was actually a pretty good action game bro. Not as good as DMC 1,3 and 4, but a good action game.
In no way, shape or form was it a "bad game", it just wasn't really a DMC game.

Now a bad game would be DMC 2. That one was just a disaster

TheRealTedCruz1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

It wasn't a bad game by any stretch of the imagination.
It was a stylistic reboot that did it's own thing, nodding towards the tone and mechanics of the original.
That's usually how reboots work. It was a solidly made game through and through, thus any opinion of the game is just that - opinion; based on whether you enjoyed the new take on the series.

agnosticgamer1038d ago

The game reviewed rather quite well. Fans of the original series just didn't like the take on the reboot. I actually enjoyed the game for what it was. Solid story, good combat/gameplay. But, I was also never a very big DMC fan so I didn't get caught up in the the remake controversies.

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Dark_Knightmare21038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

This isn’t true this was on resetera and its worded like that to make it sound like DmC made him want to quit and that’s not what happened.

1038d ago
Cikatriz_ESP1037d ago

Then what happened? Do you have a link?

Melankolis1038d ago

Outsourced development to external team was an insult to internal team, more so if they think they can do that.
I never liked DmC, i tried to like it, but i couldn't. It just didn't appeal to me.
But strangely i liked dmc. I finished it.
Now i am interested in DmC5. It feels so realish/americanish like dmc compared to DMC 1-4 Which felt more fantasy-ish/manga-ish.

Prubar1038d ago

Meh. All these cry baby purists can suck a fat one. Devil may cry 5 is the definitive one but DMC rocked and got phenomenal reviews. You guys should just be happy the DMC future isn’t just pachinko.

Melankolis1038d ago

Yep. I loved it too. dmc has more "mature" atmosphere than DMC, like American TV series. It's more suited to the setting and characters in Devil May Cry universe. The DMC 1-4 was more like a US comic book written by Japanese mangaka.
I haven't played it yet, but it seems DMCV has that "mature" American TV series atmosphere.

PhoenixUp1038d ago

I still enjoyed the game

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