Microsoft's Bringing Xbox Live to Android and iOS

Microsoft's bringing Xbox Live services to iOS and Android with a new SDK that opens the door to a lot more than simply matchmaking.

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lxeasy823d ago

I wonder when Project X Cloud will be ready for the masses. 'm ready to stream my Xbox Games on my phone when I'm traveling.

Eonjay823d ago

There is a beta later this year.

bouzebbal823d ago

Just release it on PS consoles already..
Maybe that can give vita a second life

81BX823d ago

That would be awesome for gamers

Kingthrash360823d ago

If ps now couldn't do it.....

luckytrouble823d ago

I hope you don't expect anything even remotely functional. Game streaming requires a stable, high speed connection. Variable 4G speeds will not be even remotely fast or stable enough for a passable experience.

NarutoFox823d ago

Facts. Gotta wait for 5G speeds

Sophisticated_Chap823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

We have to wait for millimeter wave, cancer causing, mind control 5G internet tech, which will give the masses latency free internet connectivity. Self driving cars will also require 5G.

luckytrouble823d ago

Honestly, even with 5G, you might get high enough speeds to get decent streaming when close enough to a tower, but the big problem of speed consistency will never go away. Coverage nets for every major provider basically the world over has massive holes, and even when an area is actually covered, I'm sure everyone with a smartphone has experienced a time where within half a block they went from seemingly a full strength connection to speeds that make 3G seem fast. It's an inherent problem with cell phone service in that unless you are basically sitting on a tower, your speeds could dip and rise standing in the same spot due to carriers pulling all kinds of bs with peak usage time throttling and other crap.

Mobile game streaming will never be good, at least not with current or even next generation wireless technology. Passable in some places, but hardly desired. It will be a long time before I can recommend streaming on anything that doesn't have an Ethernet cable hooked into it with a connection that can maintain at least 40Mb/s (note that is megabits, not megabytes).

akbennyewu823d ago

Ok you know best, got it.

Ratchet75822d ago

Especially if you re not 1m away from your modem.

frostypants822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

What do you mean? MS would NEVER overestimate the capabilities of the cloud............. /s

Streaming in the home on the same network would work though.

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blacktiger823d ago

You can do same thing with playstation now

823d ago
Christopher823d ago

You can remote play from PS4 on iOS, Sony Android devices, and Vita, but PSNow is still limited to PC outside of PS4 ( ). I don't think you can remote play the PSNow games streamed to your PS4, even doing so would be one of the worst playing scenarios I can think of.

SLiSH83823d ago

Will MS make a MFi compatible controller for iOS

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SkippyPaccino823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

Microsoft: "you might not want to buy our subpar games or our console, but we don't care! We will muscle our way in and you will learn to love us, because we are the all mighty Microsoft!!"

Gamers: "Why don't you start by making great games for a few years before shoving your subpar brand down our throat?"

I've never seen a company achieve so little, yet feel like they're the best to lead the industry forward. That's some high level arrogance on Microsoft part.

optimus823d ago

yes of course, not unlike sony saying our console is for the upper class, if you want it and can't afford it "then get a 2nd job.".... "we could put out a console with 0 games and it will still sell millions."... that's not high level arrogance at all, right?🙄

Urzusix823d ago

Like saying if you don't have the internet they buy a 360? lol Both company's said some stupid stuff

kneon823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

Here's the real quote

"for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."

It's not what people commonly portray it to be.

The Wood823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

Misquoted but when you just need a retort. . . Regurgitate anything that can be spun into a negative for . . . . . .reasons

I think MS is doing their own thing. Nothing wrong with that. They've tried in the past to fly too close to the sun but they seem persistent in their efforts to leverage live onto as many devices as possible. It's no guarantee for success but what's wrong with them trying something different. If they quell the delusions of grandeur and arrogance they showed at the start of this gen, they may actually meet one of their goals.

2pacalypsenow823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

Sony never said that tho...

Dragonscale823d ago

@optimus, they never said that fgs.

yomfweeee823d ago

Awww making up quotes to defend Microsoft.

Gwiz823d ago

The console sure, but they still had to keep going while MS obviously doesn't.

optimus823d ago

"but he didn't say that, stop it! he didn't say that!" good lord. 🙄.... let's take a stroll through memory lane shall we?... I'll just leave this here ....

rainslacker823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

Yeah, just like those things that Sony never said.

Especially that 2nd quote. Where did that come from? never once Sony imply that, or suggest they weren't going to put out games. They're always about how they're going to support and release games. Sony execs have said some strange things over the years, but never seen them say something so cynical towards the gamers. I couldn't find reference to that 2nd quote in the memes you posted. You also change the context of the 2nd job quote, which is nothing new, and strange that after all this time, Xbox fan boys still show their ignorance because they've certainly been corrected on the meaning of the quote enough times. Even if you read it with trying to spin it, he doesn't actually tell people to get a 2nd, double fail there I guess.

I guess if we're going to make up quotes, I'll go next.

Remember that time that Spencer said he'd give a free Xbox to anyone who sacrificed a white bunny rabbit in the name of Greenburg because he knew that people were so desperate for one, they'd do anything to get one? Man, those were the days. Strange it didn't get any media attention. I remember it clearly.

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TacoTaco823d ago

That's some high level reaching. Tell me: since 2013, which of the big three has received the harshest criticism and which has done the most to address it in a way that most benefits the users?

Can't be Nintendo. You can't even copy a game save onto an SD Card.
Can't be Sony. They are censoring major releases now (DMC5), have successfully adopted Microsoft's awful 360 marketing strategy of securing 3rd party timed DLC exclusives, and their Cross-Play stance isn't the friendliest. It's absurd that iOS and Android have been together since their very first mobile multiplayer games but just *talking* about PSN-XBL Cross-Play is pure tabboo.

Microsoft leads the charge on backwards compatibility. Microsoft leads the charge on wanting you to play with who you want wherever they could be. They certainly don't lead the charge on quality games, but that shouldn't discredit them from all the good they are now preaching, especially since they threw out the window the *entire* original Xbox One Vision precisely because they chose to listen - and respond to - criticism.

Shikoku823d ago

If you mean MS then you haven't been paying attention. They backtracked on the policies on xbone but are marshaling ahead with their plan anyway now its just hidden better. They are still pushing an all digital controlled by them market place, killing used games and using a cloud streaming device to push games a s a service that gamers told them loudly and clearly 6yrs ago we don't want and what have they done? Pushed head anyway.

TacoTaco823d ago

I'm still able to put my Ninja Gaiden disc from the OG Xbox in and it works better than ever on my One X. Not that I need the disc, since it's on Game Pass.

On PSN I purchased God of War for cheaper than it was at retail that week. I own the original trilogy on disc but I can't play any of them on my PS4... Every single purchase I've ever made on Steam on PC has been cheaper than those games ever were at retail too (and hey, they all work on my PC!). In a few months, I'll finally be able to play Halo Reach on PC, purchased through Steam. Digital isn't evil when it's convenient and can be more affordable...

You're free to complain but I'm quite enjoying the multiple ways to buy and enjoy the games I want to play.

Do not use game streaming as an example of a bad Microsoft action. Sony spent several hundred million dollars to purchase a company and has had their PSNow service running for years already...

kingcorey823d ago

Sony led the industry and microsoft back tracked and followed, sony leads the industry with high quality and high quanity exclusives.. Games... This is all about games. sony and nintendo have the best developers and are the best at making games.. No question or arguement can be made about that.

823d ago
Rhythmattic823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

you do realise PS2 was backwards compatible with PS1 o launch.. The launch PS3 was backwards compatible with hardware, not software emulation...Theres a reason the emotion chip was dropped from the P3, and the following sku's had software emulation, in which not all titles were particularly solid...... This was to reduce cost.... Now everyPS up to PS3 had BC on Launch... ON LAUNCH.
Theres a reason with the PS4 there was no BC... The Cell cannot be emulated buy even a decent PC, Little lone a console... Sure, theres a emulator out there, but still it only runs a few games.. Even with PSnow, Sony use PS3 a proprietary rack that has equivalent of 8 Cell PS3 machines... Its Not X86 Architecture..... If X86 could run the Equivalent of 8 PS3's in a rack, dont you think sony would be running them???
And to use your own statement, say modified..
"specially since they threw out the window the *entire* proprietary architecture model, precisely because they chose to listen to Developers/Programmers - and respond to - criticism.
by Getting Mark Cerny involved, and listing, really listening to people in the industry, sony now have a platform that can develop through time, instead of taking steps back due to new unknown architecture even new gen....

As just ignore remote play, and Share play... Something the PS4's been doing for years... Oh , and streaming PSnow, oh, and as of today i noticed iOS is supported......Interesting....
To Add, The PSVR Rocks..... Go on, Hate on it.

Dragonscale823d ago

@taco, pure desperation. Ms know they can't compete directly with Sony or Nintendo so have to use subterfuge, all that stuff you quote is pure virtue signalling. The only thing they listened to was the sound of crickets at the start of this gen.

823d ago
darthv72823d ago

@rhythm... and the 7800 was bc with 2600. So Sony copied Atari.

rainslacker823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

Sony hasn't had much criticism aimed at them because they haven't done as much wrong. Cross play and censorship are about the only two things that have really had any traction, and the "no games" argument died much quicker than I would have thought, which is probably good for the Xbox fans because of how MS is releasing games now. Cross play is a business decision which wasn't that big of a deal in the bigger picture. Censorship may be an issue going forward, but it's fairly new, and Sony isn't usually quick to react to anything. BC may be a thing, but Sony has extensive data on how many people use it, and what it's worth to again, a business decision. What it ultimately comes down to though is that none of those criticisms are having an effect on PS, they are on Xbox. hence, MS has to react.

MS has had to do the most change because they've done the most wrong, and if you really look at it, MS is moving more towards services which require a connection, so they're just taking smaller steps towards the same goal.

In any case, MS is more trying to remedy its criticisms to be in a stronger position next gen. They've all but given up on this gen, so is it really answering the call to consumers that they are pretty much not even bothering to try with the X1 anymore. It's mostly just saving face. I don't see how that's in any way commendable. We don't know what Sony will do next gen, because they're providing for their players this gen. They have from the start, they will probably do so next gen. If they need to react or adjust due to market forces, they will. But this gen, they started off right, and have continued to do so.

RizBiz822d ago

That's some next level fanboying there. Impressive.

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gamer7804823d ago

just because you are lacking in one area, doesn't mean you can't work toward fixing that, and concurrently have other teams within the company still innovate in other areas. (Also marketing is a totally different division, whether they are the leader or not they have a job to do) Nice try though.

Prubar823d ago

What does any of your bickering have to do with the article? Sony wasn’t mentioned in the title.

optimus823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

@rainslacker....i was paraphrasing because it was so long ago but here you go.... it's #10 on that list...there, happy now? of course, i'm expecting you to say it's not the same thing. (rolls eyes)

Atom666822d ago

Ahh, #3 ...My first time in a class action. I got a Santana CD and like $6 or $7.

optimus822d ago

...and just like that, these sony backers turn into crickets. 😄

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william_cade823d ago

Nice. Diablo immortal will look great.

Sgt_Slaughter823d ago

Seems to me Microsoft is headed towards console-less gaming way sooner than expected

Kribwalker823d ago

except for the fact they have already said they will continue to make consoles including a new one that was announced at last E3 that’s rumoured to release next year. Ms is moving beyond consoles yes, but they will still be making dedicated consoles

Shikoku823d ago

That has no disc drive and is basically not a console in any way but is actually a local stream receiver.

Kribwalker823d ago

A streaming console, a low end console and a high end console.

They are giving lots of options to people to play what they want, where they want, including a high powered dedicated console

823d ago
THC CELL823d ago

How so I've been on remote play ps4 for years started with a vita now xperia and iphones and android also not a amazing experience but will do some games well

Shikoku823d ago

Wouldnt say the experience is amazing but most games are playable

gamer7804823d ago

ORRRR they , as Microsoft likes to do, have multiple revenue streams, I know crazy talk....

akbennyewu823d ago

Wow, how dare you mention such a sound and reasonable business strategy...what a jerk.

EliteComments123823d ago

exactly dumb comments i agree with u about

ElementX823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

I doubt they'll ditch XBox any time soon.

gam3r_4_lif3822d ago

Yeah thats why they will have the most powerful console next gen, because they are pulling out of a profitable business

thexmanone822d ago

Don`t seem like it With 3 console coming next Gen, I`m only seeing more options too play games.

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