1up Socom confrontation review (UPDATED )

1up has re-reviewed Socom after the glitches in the original game were fixed

The editor writes:-

"But the game's improved enough from its launch state that I'm comfortable recommending it, especially considering it will only get better. It may not suit the taste of every shooter fan; if Halo free-for-alls are your thing, for example, you're likely to find Confrontation annoying in its realism and challenge. But if you want a game in which brains are as important as marksmanship, you've found it. "

1up initially gave Socom Confrontation a C+. The new review stated that there is even more room for improvement and hence a chance of a further updated review

aaron235709d ago

but what is happening to 1up???

Wii music = A+
PGR4 = A+

Socom B+

Resistance 2 B+???? R2 got 9.5 from IGN

The site is going to dogs

GiantEnemyLobster5709d ago

Any game that has to be reviewed again after patches is an automatic flop in my book. Oh well, thats what the PatchStation 3 is best at I guess.

she00win995709d ago

even though i haven't seen your face, it's automatically a flop in my book..

theKiller5709d ago

they r still bias and sh*t in reviewing on ps3 games but all websites should do what they did and always update the reviews when the gane get patches or servers got fixed

5708d ago
ruibing5708d ago

I'll return your words right back at ya. Any system that has to be released again after hardware patches is an automatic flop in my book.

GiantEnemyLobster5708d ago

Quite funny. My 360 has been with me for over a year with absolutely no patches or firmwares or updates to fix any of its problems.. because it has no problems! But I wouldn't expect a PS3 owner to understand what its like to have a console with no problems.

5708d ago
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DeforMAKulizer5709d ago

Good to see them update it... Lets hope IGN and GS do the same!

Tarasque5708d ago

You should not be able to update your score at all, then they need to go back and update all the other titles that released patched and fixes to make the game better.

pansenbaer5708d ago

Stop whining. Which games on the 360 were online only for 39.99 and also available on the marketplace?

Violater5708d ago

"The revised review was commissioned after much discussion with the writer, who strongly felt that the recent patch warranted a reevaluation of the game. This re-review should be considered a unique case (in other words: no, we don't plan on making a habit of re-reviewing games). --Ryan Scott, Executive Editor, Reviews"

There you have it and I totally agree, I stuck with the game through its glitches and I am loving it.
Then again it caters to people who are tired of the little kids screaming in your ear, so kids don't buy this game.

Why o why5708d ago


hes just pissed they done something good. Servers got fixed so why should people know? I tell you why because T man does not like the ps3 its games or its supporters, that's why.

From now on i feel online games or multiplayer sections of games should be reviewed separately and at least 2 weeks after release. I think there are minor squabbles with many online sections of games on release but that doesn't tell the whole picture. Im sure if gears2 multiplayer is problematic on launch it will be fixed and thats when i feel that section should be reviewed. If the nature of the problems are more deep seeded then take marks off, simple. I dislike 1up because of SOME of their antics over the past 2 years but they have though about GAMING with this act so ill give them a thumbs up for it.

Sitdown5708d ago

If you want to ask that question...then the question can be asked, Which games on the 360 were online only that were released as broken as SOCOM? And if the game is going to be the same price for the disc as it is for a download...I would prefer getting the disc. At least I can trade it in if I desire. I say you give an initial review for the launched product, then follow up a month later with a "second-look" review.

shazam5708d ago

so how can they give this and R2 the same score. the two games arent even in the same league.

pansenbaer5708d ago

@ Sitdown.

Uhhh the point is that there is nothing in the same league as SOCOM available on the Marketplace. The 360 doesn't have any games like that.

Doppy5708d ago

Let's hope everyone does the same. Especially that evil Metacritic.

Sitdown5708d ago

I am not sure I am understanding your point...you are knocking xbox because you can not download a game like SOCOM? Does it really matter?........you can easily pick up COD4...which in my opinion has a similar feel. I just hope your core argument is the inability to download an online shooter from marketplace.....which for some could be a good thing.

Dark General5708d ago

Really you think CoD4 and Socom are similar? In what aspects? I never got that impression while playing the beta.

Sitdown5708d ago

style and feel felt the same for me. I posted a while back...that if I did not renew my live subscription for COD4, that I would ultimately end up getting SOCOM so I could continue playing a similar style game. For me you have your sci-fi style shooters and then your more realistic style shooters......and COD2 and SOCOM fall into the latter for me.

Grooski5708d ago

@1.12 Sitdown

You, sir, have most definitely not played SOCOM if you think that it plays like COD4. They are like chalk and cheese - totally different. You'd know that if you'd played.

Sitdown5708d ago (Edited 5708d ago )

the code said for SOCOM beta, and then it said I was downloading the SOCOM beta....and even the title screen said SOCOM beta. And when I customized the two different characters, I thought it was still SOCOM........was their a glitch or something that switched games just as I was getting into the multiplayer? Chalk and cheese ehh? So you mean I could not classify both games as a fps that are realistic in nature? You mean chalk does not allow you to use strategy and kill other players like cheese does? Chalk does not allow you to change your style of weapon like cheese does? Do you think I can take Gamestop to court for giving me a fake code when I pre-ordered the game? I mean it was misleading for it to be SOCOM branded and all..

Pain5708d ago

good, its a great game, just need the bugs smashed.

FrankenLife5708d ago

You cannot classify SOCOM as a fps. It is in the third person. Traditional SOCOM also has no respawn. Yes, I know there is the option for it in confrontation, but that isn't how SOCOM is set up to be played. In CoD4 you can be very successful by running and gunning, not so much in SOCOM. In every game mode of SOCOM you need to think out your moves, and work as a team. That isn't so in CoD4. Yes CoD4 has s&d, but that is it. Also s&d doesn't have the same teamwork and planning as SOCOM unless you are playing with a good clan. The two games aren't as different as chalk and cheese, but are very different shooters. I use CoD4 to relax from playing SOCOM.

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omodis4205709d ago

I remember all the 360 fan boys talking all kinds of trash about this game. What a bomb. Again PS3=Older audience.

littletad5709d ago


More than 3 dozen ps3 ng4 fans claiming to either save your money and buy lbp or debating how harsh the review was. Others said the review needed a second chance. I only saw one instance of trolling. So to sum up "all" 360 fans and I assume the implied "opposite" of a mature audience is kind of silly.

Are you just throwing 360 fan hate in the mix for the heck of it?