Netjak : Facebreaker Review

Mr. Strange writes " A well-built fighting game can be a thing of beauty, but all too often it seems that good fighting games are more the result of luck than careful planning and execution. I've played and enjoyed dozens of fighting games over the years, but my enjoyment has always been limited to the visceral fast-paced thrill provided by the game, as opposed to the more enduring appreciation I develop for strategy games like Civilization IV or well-told stories like Indigo Prophecy. Face breaker, however, has turned that convention on its ear, by giving me a thrilling, fast-paced fighting experience which is grounded in rock-solid game principles that can be easily articulated. For that accomplishment, it's quite possibly my favorite fighting game of all time.

Unfortunately Facebreaker does fall prey to a few conventional pitfalls, and at least one shocking instance of poor taste, but overall its strengths make up for any weaknesses."

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