Sony might have killed the PlayStation Vita, but these games showed off its peak potential

Kevin Webb: "While one of Sony's main goals with the Vita was to produce experiences that felt like playing on a home console, the Vita produced a number of unique games that were later brought over to more powerful hardware. And as the Vita got older, independent developers began to take advantage of the console's strong hardware and dedicated player base. For example, PC games like "Stardew Valley" or "Minecraft" that had earned an indie following could be moved to the Vita at low cost, letting players take their favorite games on the go.

The PlayStation Vita may not have been a smash hit, but there were plenty of gems to be found on the handheld if you spent enough time looking."

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ArchangelMike762d ago

Frobisher Says was one of the best games on the Vita. There was just nothing like it. It's such a shame that Sony didn't see fit to invest in the Vita long term.

REDGUM761d ago

Agreed. Admittedly I brought the console only to travel with (a 41yo gamer here) finished killzone liberation and just started Uncharted odesey and Resistance games. I really only got it to play the games that just never came to ps3/4and surf the net. Its a handy console and it's a shame if has come to an end especially with no replacement in sight just yet!

ArchangelMike761d ago

Yeah, I loved the Killzone Liberation. Although I have to say that since Sony have dedicated their focus only on the PS4 it has gone from strength to strength. I hope they keep supporting VR though - that might be a game changer for them next gen if they do.

monkey602761d ago

Some excellent choices there. I spent so many hours on Soul Sacrifice and Persona 4

As much as I love the Uncharted series I couldn't come to terms with Golden Abyss. It felt like a few steps back in the series

King_Noctis761d ago

Danganronpa, Stien Gate, and especially Persona 4 are some of the best titles that available on the Vita.

I will miss this console.

Chevalier761d ago

So many great Visual Novels on the Vita

VariantAEC758d ago

No Freedom Wars or Killzone Mercenary?
Both deserve remakes. Mercenary is cannon and Freedom Wars is just one of those ultra rare JRPG games I found fun and think could appeal to a wider audience.