Best Female Video Game Characters That Inspire Us All

Cate Archer? Jade? Lara Croft? To celebrate International Women’s Day, here's a list of the best female video game protagonists that inspire us all.

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SuperSonic91566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn
What a very inspiring character and story.

ninsigma565d ago

Aloy is the best. Such a well written character!

ShockUltraslash565d ago

Bayonetta is the best. She has the best ass in gaming.

Aloy is ugly.
Neither showed any boobs or ass

Movefasta1993565d ago

takes a virgin to call another a virgin, and aloy is not the prettiest to say the least

ShockUltraslash565d ago

I like big ass because women with big ass have stronger sexual performance and recreational skills.

AK91565d ago

Well I don’t disagree with you there in terms of attractiveness but HZD is a great game that shouldn’t be ignored despite its boring MC.

Foxhound922565d ago

Who cares if she's pretty? Do you dweebs only enjoy a female character if she's super model attractive because you can't get pu$$y in real life?

God, what a pathetic comment.

TricksterArrow565d ago

The new Claire Redfield is an awesome female character as well.

Tigerblud565d ago

Some of these characters are so old I don't know when l who they are. How is Ellie not on this list.

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The story is too old to be commented.