Xbox ousts PlayStation to dominate game industry TV spend in February

Spending picked up in February with an estimated total of $41.6 million spent on TV commercials by gaming brands, with Xbox leading.

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THC CELL928d ago

Media feels sorry for ms again.

Eonjay928d ago

I'm always blown away by how much folks spend on Ads period. Considering how that Xbox One is in last place maybe they should be spending more on ads.

n1kki6928d ago

I feel sorry for people internalize a brand as a representation of themselves. These are just plastics boxes with parts that play games. The brand loyalty in any direction is asinine.

Ricegum928d ago

A lot of people do that with Sports teams too. It is sad.

xX-oldboy-Xx928d ago

Showing support for something isn't asinine, plastic box or not. Being excited about the games a plastic box offers isn't either, some are just BETTER than others.

Of course people are going to speak highly and try and convince others of the benefits of their choice.

bluefox755928d ago

Being disappointed with a product you used to like is hard "internalizing a brand". This type of defensive reaction to criticism does however allude to aforemention internalization.

jwillj2k4928d ago

The gaming industry was built off of brand loyalty. Companies have always used viral marketing to promote themselves over their competitors. For one to think that way of thinking wouldn’t spew over to the consumers is ignorant. Either you’re young, loyal to the losing company or both.

Wolffenblitz928d ago

Plus.. it's not just a plastic box..

n1kki6927d ago

Maybe I'm just a semi successful adult. But I just buy all the systems.

Vizigoth04927d ago

There is a purpose for brand loyalty when they are better at certain products than other products. For example, you would buy a pick-up truck from Subaru if they came out with one yesterday? You might go with a company that has more experience. Samsung makes amazing TVs yet the Blu-ray player sound systems are junk just like Sony's and Panasonic's. You wouldn't buy a wireless router from Cisco at Walmart because their consumer products are junk compared to their business products. Lastly you wouldn't buy a video game console with out enough special interest to purchase it such as quality and pluthera of exclusive games or else you would just get another Xbox Console and Game Pass. I don't choose Microsoft for their Xbox, I choose them for their Experience with Operating Systems and Office Suite Software. Not Office 360 reacuring revenue crap. And not for their half assed attempt in the video game industry.

TheSaint927d ago

How is anything they said brand loyalty? There have been a slew of fake positivity surrounding Xbox lately.

I own both consoles and am NOT a fanboy of either, I am a fanboy of the truth though.

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Rude-ro928d ago

There are no emotions that comes from one of their own major branches.
They literally own media outlets or are “financially” connected with a lot of them.
But, they had their crackdown, media contract for anthem, not sure if they have the division 2, they are already doing hype articles for halo.. which is odd since gears of war is due first and it is very silent, and then their emotional controller adverts.. one of which was the super bowl ad.

rainslacker928d ago's a win at least. Greenburg can avoid his anxiety pills for a week or two now

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CaptainCook928d ago (Edited 928d ago )

You're laughing at the new Microsoft adaptive controller?

Double_O_Revan928d ago

That's merely the article picture. That's not what the story is about.

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DaDrunkenJester928d ago

Yeah they are pushing that new adaptive controller pretty hard right now, but honestly that is a good thing. The adaptive controller is a great thing to be pushing as it allows a whole new demographic to join into gaming.

TK-66928d ago

I hope it brings awareness to devs on how to implement features that help people who're incapable of performing certain things in games. A simple option for example is having a setting that changes button mashing segments to a button hold for those with poor motor skills.

mcstorm927d ago

For me this has been the best thing to come out of this gen in terms of opening gaming up to alot of people who can't play games for one reason or another.

Hope other developers take up this idea as for me gaming is for everyone and should always be.

As for Microsoft spending the most tbh ide expect that with them trying to push the Xbox one in the position its in.

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