PlayStation remains king of game industry ad spend as new players step up

PlayStation shows no sign of relinquishing its crown when it comes to TV budgets — Sony’s console brand accounted for over 43 percent of all industry spend in January.

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masterfox38d ago

and the Playstation will remain king this one , next one, and next one, and so on, Playstation 5 is coming!!, the competition can start crying now, oh they start it that since years ago. :D

SuperSonic9138d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Sure glad PlayStation is the market leader.
Imagine an industry where the best AAA games are dominated by kiddie cartoon mascots that jumps all over the place in a jumping simulator.

mkis00738d ago

Dominated ok... still like a few of those types of games though...variety is where its at.

LoveSpuds38d ago

You must not have the capacity to experience fun if you cannot enjoy the Mario games. I am as big a Playstation fan as you could wish to meet, but that doesn't stop me from devouring many of the Nintendo exclusives when they come along.

Mario Odyssey really is something special in my opinion, I don't know how Nintendo do it, but this game just made me smile the whole way through.

UltraNova38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

As long as PlayStation remains the place where quality no bullshit SP games are made or at least SP games with an MP part that doesn't affect the former's quality they can count me in. Now if being first is what allows Sony to keep producing these games then so be it.

SuperSonic9138d ago


You know what fortunately my anti establishment attitude made me play and enjoy the most obscure games Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo ripped off and put in their games.

Knowing the truth is the best fun and joy one can ever have.

I am glad I played Sideways on PS3 before SMO came out.

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shinoff218337d ago

@LoveSpuds, although I agree with you about mario games and the switch has a few great games, I wanted to add that I think the new mario games was average at best. I hated the fact the two player option was a cheap add on afterthought. Me and my girl have always played mario games together but this one just sucked in that regard. Its why I didnt like galaxy to. Also Id love a yoshi game that was graphically like mario and not some damn yarn. Kudos to the new mario party, nice to see that have a good one. Its the best since gamecube imo.

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ArchangelMike38d ago

Sony learned their lesson from last gen, when they thought they could ride the coat tails of the PS2's success. As they say, "you have to spend money to make money," in this regard Sony learned from Microsoft who had a huge advertising and marketing spend last gen, practically every multiplatform title last gen was advertised by MS. This is why competition is good.

shinoff218337d ago

With a 600 dollar price tag and a year later I say ps3 did damn good, not as good as ps1, ps2, and ps4 but alot of figures till have them ahead of x360.

StormSailor38d ago

It will be even harder to compete with Sony in the next generation, they will come with full power and crush everything

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